Micropropagation and secondary metabolite studies in taxus spp. Isolation and characterization of the genes involved in the biosynthesis of secologanin, an intermediate in the formation of vincristine, a potent anti-cancer agent. Catalyst deactivation in propane aromatization. Chemical investigation of some indian medicine plants and sysnthesis of some biologically active compounds. Alkyl glycosides as stable glycosyl donors for oligosaccharide synthesis. Macroporous molymeric affinity matrices for selective separation of contaminants. Diffusion of pure liquid hydrocarbons in high silica pentasil zeolites.

Characterization of alkali stable fungal cellulases and their potential industrial applications. Electrical properties of zinc oxide semiconductor. Metabolism of plant cells studies on papaih inhibitors of vigna catjang. Asymmetric hydroxylations of olefins, reductions of kletones and C-H activation of hydrocarbons by transition metal catalysis. Deformation of mettalic surfaces by abrasion.

Microbiology and biochemistry of D- xylose fermentation by candida shehatae. Depolymerization of lignin using acidic ionic liquids. Chemical studies on pyrrolidine derivatives: Isolation, cloning and characterization of Cinnamate 4 hydroxylase C4H Gene from Leucaena Leucocephala and its expression studies.

Density based reactivity descriptors: Cycloisomerizations of sugar derived alkynols and toward the total synthesis of didemniserinolipid B and some functionalizes nortropane alkaloids. Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive 1, 2- aminoalcohols and methodologies involving dihydroxylation of olefins, esterification and iodination of aromatics.


Kinetics of coordination polymerization of styrene with butoxy titanium trichloride and aluminium alkyls. Liquid crystals their synthesis and application as stationary phases in gas chromatography.

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Development of biocontrol agents for the control of pests in agriculture using chitin metabolism as target. Mass spectrometry on some model aromatic and antiaromatic systems. Chemical investigation of some indian plants. Employing arynes in multicomponent reactions and rearrangements triggered by nitrogen nucleophiles.

Magnon-phonon interaction and renormalisation of collective modes in magnetic systems. Design, synthesis and evaluation of amino- and guanidino-substituted oligomers adn oligonucleotides for better cellular uptake.

In vitro embryo rescue plant regeneration and genetic transformation studies in grapevine. Catalysis by ion exchange resins.

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Application of photochemical transformations towards biologically active compounds and zeolites for organic synthesis. Design and development of computational intelligence based methodologies for chemical engineering and technology application.

Kinetic study of the catalytic oxidation of toluene. Isopropylation of C-8 aromatic compounds xylenes, ethylbenzene over large pore high silica zeolites. Group transfer polymerization of alkyl meth acrylates.


Isolation and transformation of naturally occuring terpenes. Isolation, purification and pun of alpha- arabinofuranosidase and other glycosidases from sclerotium rolfsii. Antitubercular and antifilarial compounds including some with surface-active properties.

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Carbon nanotubes in Fuel Cell efficiency. Analysis of alkylation reactions. Effect of ionic solutes on amino acids and peptides from thermodynamic, volumetric and transport studies: The purpose of this laboratory is to advance knowledge and to apply dissertatjon science for the good of the people.

Gas sensing properties of surface ruthenated tin oxide.

Development o kinetic Monte Carlo methods for the stochastic simulation of rissertation system. Investigation of stability and catalytic properties of atomic clusters within DFT framework. Azulenes and related substances.

dissertation at ncl pune

De novo designed foldamers based on biotic and abiotic building blocks. Chemo-biological evalution of few medicinal plants against various diseases.

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