I am against xenophobia. But the critical thing is, South Africans must in the interest of people who carry the ID book, the green ID book is our license to get preferential treatment from government. My shop is open again. Members of the South African police approach Jeppestown hostel and fire rubber bullets and tear gas as they attempt to disperse protesters after a xenophobic mob attempted to access foreign-owned businesses. There is a way of dealing with this problem.

We strive to make the EWN community a safe and welcoming space for all. The assault was carried out by a group returning from a rally that blamed foreigners for unemployment, crime and the spread of AIDS. Retrieved 19 May However divided, unequal, and structurally flawed, South Africa is home to a very diverse population of people. An inquiry by the Competition Commission — the country’s anti-trust regulator, has indicated that a difference in performance between foreign and local business owners has created a perception that foreigners are more successful than locals.

In May62 people were killed in a wave of xenophobic attacks across townships. Where do we see violence? Our community members are not scapegoats for the problems of South African communities.

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The xenophobic attacks in Grahamstown differed from the usual xenophobic attacks in South Africa as the ones in Grahamstown were mostly targeted at Muslims. Contested space and citizenship in Grahamstown, South Africa. The South African government initially adopted a policy of quickly reintegrating refugees into avout communities they originally fled [40] and subsequently set a deadline in Julyby which time refugees would be expected to return to their communities or countries of origin.


Pictures of xenophobia in South Africa

You see, the problem in Somalia is if you want to be safe you have to join Al Shabaab, or else they will kill xenopobia. Archived from the original on 7 January Locals were allegedly angry that foreigners were taking their jobs. I am the only one left.

And the police looked at these boys taking the things from our shop and they did nothing. Thus, looting was allowed in the kzzn and not tolerated in town. They told us not to open, to go back to where we come from.

I am against xenophobia. We are ONE HUMANITY – The Journalist

When the foreigners failed to leave voluntarily, they were forcefully evicted and their shacks were burned down and looted. They are fighting us. The Mozambican government sponsored a repatriation drive that saw the registration of at least 3 individuals.

Addressing a group of around migrant traders in early March, Amir Sheikh, the chairperson of the Somali Community Board in South Africa, appeared confident. Although the riots were sparked by political discontent within the ANC [92] Somali, [93] Pakistani [94] and other foreign owned shops and micro enterprises were targeted for looting [95] and a number of foreigners were attacked. With so many economies battling recession for the better part of the past decade, the deadly triad of competition-survival-blame has seen fear of the foreigner rise across the globe.


Archived from the original on 18 April Xenofobia can be defined as an anti-foreigners sentiment felt by some locals and sometimes results in violence against immigrants.

In a haze of violence in late January, an angry mob approached a convenience store belonging to Abdikadir Ibrahim Danicha. We are the good people because we are living nicely.

The stereotypes are nasty: The attacks on foreigners do not happen in a vacuum, nor can they be explained simply by hatred of all things foreign. International Organisation for Migration. I came from Somalia in These are murders that were committed on camera in front of everyone.

Xenophobia in South Africa

The police they come here and they demand. A group of men armed with axes and knives came in and attacked us. Archived from the original on 24 November In this context, the word ‘branding’ is about modifying people’s perceptions of us as a rainbow nation.

Who are behind the looters? Ina Sudanese refugee was thrown from a train on a similar route. Last time I checked, South Africa was said to belong to all those who live in it.

When we make this money here we working hard. We were all over Soweto.

essay about xenophobia in kzn