Defence Minister of Germany — Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert. On 23 February , the University of Bayreuth withdrew Guttenberg’s doctorate. Crucial analytical sections of the work — a comparison between the creation of the US Constitution and efforts to produce a similar document for the European Union — were likewise taken from external sources. Guttenberg was awarded the “Politikaward” in , which is a German “Politician of the Year” award.

Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert. In early , Guttenberg introduced the concept of a Privileged Partnership between Turkey and the European Union as a viable alternative to accession of Turkey to the European Union into the German political discourse. Two of the PRS papers lacked any citation and four PRS papers were cited insufficiently, [] leading to misconceptions about the initial authorship of the passages. Robert Prosper, Duke of Arenberg. Second Merkel cabinet — Even as the political opposition in Berlin has accused him of often being less than forthcoming when it comes to questions about his leadership, his direct style of speech and leadership has endeared him to broad swaths of the German public. The following day Lammert presided over a parliamentary questioning in the Bundestag on Guttenberg’s use of PRS papers in his thesis.

Sloppy citation is hardly rare, and German universities have tended to show clemency in many such cases.

Guttenberg-Dissertation: Anfang bei F.A.Z. abgeschrieben – Inland – FAZ

For the 20th century politician his grandfathersee Karl Theodor Freiherr dissertatioh und zu Guttenberg. On the same day the newspaper informed Guttenberg and gave him a few hours to respond to the allegations. Beitrag per E-Mail versenden Guttenberg-Dissertation: Countess Maria von Rottenhan.


For the future the Chancellor declared that “I am convinced that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future, in whatever form that may take”.

The commission however, based on the view, that Guttenberg had continued his dissertation despite the feeling of being overburdened, denied negligence and concluded on intention.

Her father was Jakob von und zu Eltza former President of the Association of Winemakers in Rheingau who became active in Croatian politics after Croatian independence. Heimlicher Neubeurer” in German.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg verliert den Doktortitel”. Princess Sophie, Duchess of Arenberg.

Guttenberg-Dissertation: Anfang bei F.A.Z. abgeschrieben

And on Wednesday, a German guttenbeerg reported that he may have plagiarized part of his Ph. Defense Minister Guttenberg Resigns”. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. He lived at his family castle in GuttenbergBavaria district of Kulmbacha village whose history is closely associated with the House of Guttenbergand in a mansion in a refined part of Berlin, Berlin-Westend.

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The German parliament got involved last week after it became clear that Guttenberg had even violated Bundestag rules by pasting disserttaion research notes compiled by parliamentary research assistants into his final draft. The New York Times. Guttenberg leaves behind a Defense Ministry in the middle of its furthest-reaching reforms in years.

From the judicial proceeding on this case he expected a result solely based on facts without regard to the person concerned. Referring to his resignation phone call, she said: On 7 March the district attorney’s office in Hof announced the launch of a preliminary investigation into potential copyright violations by Guttenberg.


karl theodor zu guttenberg dissertation

Der Wertverlust belastet viele Mitarbeiter. Guttenberg denied any deliberate plagiarism. In an interview on 22 FebruaryLammert also expressed his doubts about the reliability of the university’s awarding process.

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal

This page was last edited on 9 Marchat Baron Georg Enoch zu Guttenberg Lessons from July 20th ] in German. Guttenberg returned to German politics by making a speech during the German federal election, in which he hailed Chancellor Angela Merkel.

karl theodor zu guttenberg dissertation

Kerner[] guttenbberg hosted his prime-time talk show at the Bundeswehr camp in Mazar-i-Sharif featuring the Guttenbergs and German soldiers deployed there. Guttenberg is a member of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria CSU and held different positions within the party, including that of secretary general.

Baroness Mathilde von Tinti. Countess Maria von Rottenhan 4.

He insisted on strict conditionality, including restructuring, and limited support to only those companies which were otherwise competitive but were temporarily affected by the crisis. Der Dresdner Medienwissenwissenschaftler Stefan Weber sagte dieser Zeitung, nach der Faktenlage sei es fraglich, ob zu Guttenberg die Arbeit selbst geschrieben habe.

Unruhe in der Deutschen Bank: