When unused, it becomes part of the floor and can be used as a footrest. The roof is covered by a cashmere and silk mix cloth. The Lancia designers undertook the far from easy task of designing something intangible: This material consists of a film of real wood bonded to a layer of resin and foam. These mould themselves around the body. Vincenzo Lancia Fiat Category. This concept car, exhibited alongside the standard-production models, contains many retro hints:

The front door opens immediately, the car moves up or down according to the height of the motorist and the seat turns moves outward to receive the driver. A big panel made up of three Your trip into the conveniences of the third millennium begins here. A space where material is used to ensure wellbeing and good looks. Current models Ypsilon III.

These hints are immediately denied by an interplay of smooth curves and rounded edges, that speaks a completely new and appealing stylistic language. This is also helped by the use of vocal commands.

Lancia Thesis

All of these are warm and designed to reflect a home-like atmosphere. Luxury, yes, but without ostentation.

lancia thesis bicolore centenario

They offer the colour and brightness best suited to different situations and occasions. The system also allows passengers to adjust heating to their own requirements. IT Fusignano – Ravenna – Ra.

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The car recognises the driver and adapts to his or her habits: The roof is covered by a cashmere and silk mix cloth. A space where material is used to ensure wellbeing and good looks. Simply lean back to listen to the sound. They theesis good to look at and good to touch. A timeless sculpture The external styling of the Dialogos speaks for itself. Its autobox is attentive and smooth.


Lancia Thesis ‘–09

The front box, with its long high bonnet, draws the rest of the car behind it and the passenger compartment is shifted backward with the boot almost an appendage. Sapino Auto Commerciale Srl. The front door opens wide centenarko the seat turns and slides out to welcome you. This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat The Lancia Thesis Type is an executive car produced by Italian automaker Lancia between and Vincenzo Lancia Fiat Category. This image, originally posted to Flickrwas reviewed gicolore 28 December by the administrator or reviewer OSXwho confirmed that it was available on Flickr under the stated license on that date.

The car admired by visitors to the Lancia stand is a paradox: They’re even better when the stress is lateral; considering the pillowy straight-line character, cornering roll is amazingly well-controlled [5].

In the latter case, the driver changes gear by operating buttons on the steering wheel.

One of the most innovative features of the rear suspension, also multilink, is a virtual pitching centre. In the former, the driver uses the bivolore on the steering wheel to change gear the indications appear on the onboard monitor.


Air does not circulate in this system.

lancia thesis bicolore centenario

Both driver and passenger enjoy full control of the car for complete physical and mental wellbeing. This system considers all aspects of the on-board climate.

lancia thesis bicolore centenario

IT Carmagnola – Torino – To. Be it navigator, radio, climate control system or screen, we should not have to adapt to the way it works. All exterior elements that could make the car look too visually busy handles, door mirrors, wipers and aerials have disappeared.

It explores the field of view inaccessible to the human eye and signals the presence of overtaking vehicles. In a word, the Top Climate System can pick up on the current mood and use its many sensors to envelop each passenger in a beneficial, healthy cocoon at just the right temperature.

It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car in front. All functions normally managed by the driver selection, engagement and release, clutch and throttle modulation are controlled electronically.