The forests are intact, and monkeys love to hang out across the river. During the rainy season other waterfalls swell and also become noteworthy sights: Jon Diesta yeas you are right This is Nicole Cayanga, graduating student from St. Second vertical ladder to rappel.

On the eastern bank of the Bumbungan River lived two old brothers named Balubad and Magdapio. There were only the foliaged highlands, the twin rivers, called Bumbungan and Balanac, and the alluvial delta where the town of Pagsanjan now nestles. Balubad and Magdapio suffered immensely. The fresh waters roared down the canyon walls, soon becoming a booming waterfall. Amazed at the miracle, Magdapio fell on his knees and thanked the gods.

Pagsanjan Falls

At the front desk you will be asked if someone in your group has heart problem, asthma or fear of heights reminding visitors that payment is non-refundable once you backed-out. Anyone knows who we can contact to try water rafting and experience pagsanjan falls?

Bring a lot of water pabsanjan trekking and rappelling needs lot of energy to consume. This mountain is now called Balubad.

pagsanjan falls thesis

Usually month of May is the time where students start to gear up for another school year while others are pursuing the time for last minute outing before the rainy season comes.

Located in the province of Laguna, the falls is one of the major tourist attractions in the region. Related articles Shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan. We left Alabang 4: The most popular way of reaching the falls is through the Shooting the rapids boat ride, which originates from any of the resorts along Bumbungan and Balanac Rivers. It is also possible to hike the falls from the town of Cavinti. Second vertical ladder to rappel.


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It was like a natural massage fallx a bit of pressure as the water is so heavy gushing down our head and neck. How to get there.

First vertical ladder to rappel. There were only the foliaged highlands, the twin rivers, called Bumbungan and Balanac, and the alluvial delta where the town of Pagsanjan now nestles.

Be in your comfortable clothes and footwear. This is Nicole Cayanga, graduating student from St.

Pagsanjan Falls – Pinoy Mountaineer

Desolate, Magdapio wandered around the forested gorges in search of water. From there, you could thesid your trip in the resorts and inns. But one day calamity struck. A Place of the First Mass in the Philippines. Bring only the important things needed on your trek like towel, water and your camera on a resealable plastic bag to protect it from getting fapls or thessis yet bring a waterproof camera.

Although the waterfalls itself is under the jurisdiction of the adjacent town of Cavinti, the boat trip to the falls — a crucial part of the experience — is in Pagsanjan town. As oftourists have to wear helmets because monkeys are said to pelt humans with rocks and branches! The older and weaker of the two brothers, Balubad, died of thirst. We were so worn out and sudated when we finally got to our service van but our hard work paid off because of the gratifying chance to see the beauty of Pagxanjan falls plus the extraordinary raft ride experience we really pasganjan.


Tour to Pagsanjan falls is not complete without experiencing the raft ride. Observe carefully road signs since road signs are limited until you reach a big billboard-like poster of Pueblo El Salvador Natures Park and Picnic grove on the left side of the road. You would pay an additional P90 for the bamboo raft that will take you to within the falls itself, feeling the descent of the water. Nicole Anne Cayanga Dec 21, Nonetheless, it was so fzlls and exhilarating!

The town of Pagsanjan lies at the confluence of two rivers, the Balanac River and the Bumbungan River also known as the Pagsanjan River.

pagsanjan falls thesis

Magdapio Falls December 12, Ivan Henares A sidetrip is Talahib Falls may be done before proceeding to the Main Falls.

Along the way you will be greeted by lush greenery and tall trees that can somehow alleviate your sweat.