Math Support Class Intensive math support class is for students who have multiple demonstrated gaps in math skills as diagnosed through Delta math testing. The Math Support class meets one hour per day in place of an elective class. It’s a great tool to help your student keep track of assignments. Rose Hulman Homework Hotline. Our Homework Hotline is designed to help students in case they are absent or they forgot to.. Bengali Janani Full Movie Hd p.

The collaborative meetings are facilitated by a department building chair. Level A is self- monitoring and has the highest level of independence for students. Students work on comprehension, fluency, decoding, vocabulary and strategies for approaching unfamiliar content. Common assessments have been created by collaborative teams of teachers which assess the essential learnings. The departments have created common formative and summative assessments based on the essential learnings. The intensity and frequency of those interventions are adjusted depending on how the student responds to the intervention.

Additionally, once per quarter or more often if requested by the team leaderteams are given up to a full day of release time during the school day.

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In addition, this group conducts research and investigates best practice interventions to enhance what is already in place this may include suggestions for professional development. Creating systems of intervention to provide students with additional time and support for learning. A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from middle school to high school. We also have math teachers teaching a strategic math course for students that need some help during this time period days a week.


Exceptional building administrative leadership: Each child has an individualized plan based on their specific needs.

Those skills include writing effective introductions, providing details, identifying the main idea and important details, and concluding. Welcome to West Middle. Expect and support positive behavior at school.

Each of these standards at the 3 grade levels is assessed 6 times a year and broken down by student by benchmark. The intention of this is to have both teachers re-group after formative assessments. This team mets several times per year to evaluate student achievement data and the effectiveness of strategies embedded in the PRTI process. Second, we have changed the set up with our Intensive Math support class by making the support more individualized for each student.

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These students are referred by current 6 th grade teachers. Level A is self- monitoring and has the schopls level of independence for students.

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In addition as we look further into the subgroup data of the 23 African-American students only 4 were proficient in the mathematics area. A presentation for the 8th graders to learn about programming, graduation requirements, and 9th grade scheduling Parent Night: Grade 1 Power Indicators.

Below is a list and description of the various interventions in place in the school year: This time is used for establishing SMART goals, monitoring goal attainment, as well as for analyzing results from common assessments. Fax Bullying Hotline This group helped facilitate the implementation of our XTS period, our working Pyramid Response to Interventions, and further building oublic capacity of the entire staff.


The progress of these students is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed.

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Student contracts are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student. Social Studies; Special Education. This site was designed with the.

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A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from elementary to middle school. The members of this committee had extensive training in PLC foundations and were developed as school leaders in this process.

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He continues to see the potential in our staff as a whole to raise the bar in an already high performing school. This was worked into our daily schedule by taking approximately 4 minutes from each of the 7 class periods.

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In the spring, each team is responsible for creating a year-end Pulse Point report detailing departmental work. As was noticed our achievement in mathematics declined last year in both the 7th grade 67 to 54 and in 8th grade As new staff come to West, we continue to send staff to Solution Tree institute, summits and 2 years ago we brought a Hybrid Institute to Portage Public Schools. This spring Michigan students will publlic the new M-step assessment that will assess the Common Core.