I can only wonder and ask the question, why; why does Baby accept this lifestyle? Baby is exposed to much more than I was exposed to at such a young age of Most men in the novel also play the roles of drug dealers and buy prostitutes. Baby is the child of a young father, named Jules, whose life is quickly spiralling downhill due to his addiction to heroin. Works Cited Collins, Suzanne. Women becoming prostitutes use their power by tempting men to have sex with them so they can make money.

As I have previously mentioned, my portfolio will contain different writing and media texts, which will express my ideas about the novel analyzing through a feminist perspective that will allow my audience to observe and think about. With my concept map, the obvious theme I will focus on is… surprise! Lullabies for Little Criminals was an excellent novel to apply the feminist literary theory to, and more insight on this theory can be seen with my previous blog post titled: After getting into a fight with Jules, she attempts to kill herself and says “the edge wouldn’t go through my skin In an interview for a newspaper, while talking about his three daughters, Johnnie Boden , founder of the Boden fashion Brand, said: Because of this, I found that the women became weak and only resorted to the idea of prostitution, even at a young age.

In the novel, there are many different roles for men. What is stopping her? My main concern was the fact that this was a setting in Canada, so where was the government or any services, because it seemed to me as if the issue of child prostitution, etc.

“Lullabies for Little Criminals” ISU novel study: Lullabies for Little Criminals

Or… Will her life mirror that of her father, Jules? The novel portrays women to be lustful, easy manipulated, and show no dignity for themselves. During my very short, ,ittle busy time in the Grade 12 University level English course, I have come to realize that I have developed many skills as a writer and media text creator.


thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

Hence, these are just a couple challenges I may face when putting together my portfolio. I also chose litrle write my narrative essay from a feminist point of view. From a feminist perspective, the novel negatively portrays women by portraying them as lustful, naive, and possessing little self-respect for their bodies. What I found absolutely disturbing about this was luolabies fact that Baby was fine with what she was doing.

During their first encounters, Alphonse told Baby: It was a gift. This goes to show that one of the struggles of femininity is receiving the proper respect and value a woman deserves. Although this occurrence happened in the first third of my novel, the events after the destruction of this doll really took a toll on Baby. Women thought that they had to dress inappropriately to impress men and get men to notice them and like them.

It will be important for me to truly capture the essence of this theme and make sure my audience understands all of my ideas! The three selections I have made include:.

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Could this mean Jules is actually trying to change for the better of himself and his daughter? There were a lot of negative stereotypes of females shown in the novel Lullabies for Little Criminals, so from a feminist perspective I was able to point out how women were negatively portrayed and poorly treated in the novel.

Applying Feminist Thessis Theory. For instance, when her father is released from the hospital, Baby was under the impression that her father will come for her immediately; however, she is disappointed when he fails to come for her. I chose to do a narrative essay because I thesus it was the most effective way to lullaabies my point across about women getting mistreated.

Baby has never been told otherwise and will never understand the dangers of heroin use. It showed that without the mocking jay, there was bloodshed, and life went downhill for many citizens.


thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

Jules keeps wasting his money on ltitle, and Baby deserves to be in a more supporting home. I started doing weirder things, that was for sure. Furthermore, Baby does not understand the feeling of unconditional love that mothers often have towards their children which causes her to look for love in all the wrong places.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

This also shows how women never disobey males because they feel like they are less superior and weaker than males. As a bonus, I always find blogs to be entertaining and sometimes humorous, which is thesos beneficial to anyone who does not want to get bored easily!

Baby proves that she is exposed to too much drugs as a young age when she states: Even though the audience is introduced to Xavier towards the end of the novel, he plays a key role in Baby’s realization of her forgotten childhood.

I and many people are also able to relate to Baby and her relationship with her father because we all get along with our parents, but we have problems sometimes but are able to pull through as shown statemetn the novel. Is that really how her father looks at women and his own child? During this portion of the novel, Baby also becomes close with a man named Alphonse, a man whom she had always wanted to notice her, which he finally did.

Men and women both play different yet significant roles in the story.

Baby, the 12 year-old female protagonist, revealed many issues in society around her dealing with the role of women. Feminism As I mentioned in my essay, the novel “Lullabies for Little Criminals” negatively portrays women.