Doug will finish the job by The instructional materials reviewed for The Utah Middle School Math Project Grade 8 meet the expectations for developing conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts, especially where called for in specific standards or cluster headings. Or Callie delivers 2 papers for every dollar she makes. How would this change affect the graph? After exploring the rate of change of a linear relationship, students are introduced to the concept of slope and use the properties of dilations to show that the slope is the same between any two distinct points on a nonvertical line. No, there is not a constant ratio and the line does not go through the origin. In the simplified form of the rule, it is the constant.

The cat ran away from the milk at a rate of 3 feet per second. Write a story for this graph. Landon exhibits a proportional relationship because there is a proportional constant 2. Hours x Cost y Equation: Students will expand their understanding of discrete functions when they study sequences in Secondary I.

The next lesson will address why this is true. This constant rate of change makes the line straight. Time of weeks Coins Time weeks b. Draw a possible line that could represent the cost to buy x pounds of salt. Students connect their rules hpmework the geometric model and begin to surface ideas about the rate of change and initial value starting point in a linear relationship.


Label each line with the person s name.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

The pattern is linear. If the florist includes 20 pinks flowers there will also be 80 white flowers. The section begins by reviewing proportional relationships that were studied in 6 th and 7 th grade.

Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Minimal Understanding 1 I do not know how to compare these proportional relationships.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Collect the ballots and display the ratio for each group. He should have doubled the bananas from 3 to 6.

Chapter 2 – Student Workbook

Consider the relationship between time in hours and amount of gas remaining in the tank. Constant ratio is y x or 2 1 8WB A linear relationship is described by taking an initial value or starting point y-intercept and adding the rate of change times x. Students fhe most likely find the number of blocks in stage 10 28 rulle adding 3 until they reach stage 10 or creating a sequence or table.

From the sketch of the ramp, find and record the following measurements. Staircase 1 Staircase 2 Staircase 3 The vertical measurement is the rise.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Graph this relationship on the same coordinate plane as Agatha s line on the previous page. What kind of competencies should an individual develop to prepare for an international career? Glencoe algebra 2 ch.

Look for and make use of structure. Recognize when there is a slope of zero or when the slope of the line is undefined. Using the run and rise for each step, graph the height connect person will be at after each step for the first 5 steps. The ratio is not the same for Kelly. It will take Toby homewkrk to cross the sidewalk. The instructional materials reviewed for The Utah Middle School Math Project Grade 8 meet the expectations for giving attention throughout the year to individual standards that set an expectation of procedural skill and fluency.


Create a representation for someone who delivers papers and makes more than both Addy and Rachel. See student answer c. The cement comes out of the truck at a constant rate. Then they can compare. I can also show how the rate of change can be seen. Write at least two sentences that explain the similarities and differences between Agatha s and Fitz s relationship.

Think about all of the equations that you have written to represent a linear relationship, what do they have in common, what do the different parts of the equations represent?