There is a set of policies with procedures which will help in handling and monitoring the practicumers in their respective area of assignment. Superiors are not willing to listen to whatever 1. They have difficulty in scheduling the ocular visits in the host establishment due to different practicum sites. Problems encountered can easily solve by both student and practicum coordinators, and assessment of performance can easily evaluated by the practicum coordinators through constant monitoring. As mentioned by Capasso , on-the-job training is learning at the actual place of work which requires the students to apply the theories learned in the classroom into practice.

The school has three practicum coordinators to handle, monitor and evaluate the practicumers: Here, the students who will undergo practicum must have taken all the major subjects from first year up to second semester of second year. It is a non-profit Catholic institution that aims to promote its mission of service and education to students. It is very important not only to teach the students about their chosen career but to show them the reality about working. Front-desk job descriptions can vary depending on the industry.

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More specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: Superiors are not willing to listen to whatever suggestions or recommendations are made. The School Administrator Internship Handbook: Development of these skills requires practice and is measured in terms of speed, precision, distance, procedures, or techniques in execution. Patience and wisdom are required of superiors, who must be able to delegate authority and give recognition and praise acknowledgment jobs well done.

There are several areas where questions of attitude influence workplace behavior. Now the school is waiting for the Practicum Manual as the output of the researcher.

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Acknowledgdment, Bhattacharyya discusses the possible work load of an apprentice or trainee. Based on the four levels of evaluation model by Kirkpatrick, it is essential to measure reaction of student, learning of the students, ojr of the students, and the results of the training of the students. This involves vacuuming floors and curtains, changing bed linen, dusting surfaces, cleaning mirrors and bathroom fixtures, and washing windows.


Every one of us has a distinct character that can be developed, polished and refined. Collecting information and providing feedback to employees about their behavior, communication style, or skills Noe, Under this industry is the Tanauan City High School.

The department does not conduct assessment of 1.

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This study was limited only to forty-four 44 students who are currently enrolled in all courses for academic year in their practicum course. The education sector can be broadly classified in to three categories which are the K, Higher Education and vocational education. Included in the logbook are the computation of grades, guidelines in preparing a practicum report, some tips in basic good grooming, and copy of evaluation form and interview guide. They often visit the practicumers on site for monitoring purposes.

Negative attitudes can also have a direct impact on physical and mental health. The distance of the company is too far from school 2.

There was no outline to follow nor fixed questions asked. The academic preparation i. This means that the student must have finished all major subjects from first year up to second semester of third year.

It further looked into the significant differences on the performance of practicumers when grouped according to their profile variables.

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This is a common problem for every practicumer is always anxious at first with a different environment or with different people around him. Even the host establishment is located in Sta. She said that they thesks to issue the list of courses to ensure that they will have the skills and expertise they can use to find jobs when they finish their schooling.


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These said findings are supported by Danny Araneta Cabulay and Christine Palafox Carpio who defined apprenticeship as professional relationship between a student the apprentice and the expert professional the trainer or mentorwherein the student is obliged to diligently obey and learn from the expert professional.

They may not represent the values you personally cherish. Last in Blooms Taxonomy is the psychomotor domain which includes physical movement, coordination, and use of the motor-skills areas. Organizational Behavior 13th Edition. The Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour.

Sony and Kim summarized the conceptualization of work ethics as the concept that has multiple meanings and implication, pertaining to a variety of aspects related to work, including work commitment, work value, attitude toward work, occupational value, organizational commitment, perception of career development, and work rhesis.

This should give you a realistic understanding of how to apply theory to practice. I have no claim on her; I do not acknowledge her laws–hardly her existence, and she has no authority over me.

This includes the recall or recognition of specific facts, procedural patterns, and concepts that serve in the development of intellectual abilities and skills. On-the-job training typically includes acknowledyement and written instruction, demonstration and observation, and hands-on practice and imitation.