About 2, campers participate in the program each summer. Naval Academy in Annapolis is host to several athletic summer camps, all taught by the school’s coaches. As students, we take several subjects at a time. After that, we stayed our first night in Warsaw. Ready to give it a try? In March I chose to take a different path than most teens for the summer. Watch this Fox News video:

Koplovitz z”l taught my second grade class in her last year of teaching, and we always felt privileged to be a part of that special class! He would always read about ten books at a time, and would stack them in a small tower, each book face down, spine split and open to mark his current page. From its inception, The Shoshana S. Visit us online at www. Participants can expect to be in the water for up to six hours each day. Hoping to take arts integration to the next level, Cardin invited Mrs.

There was no time to waste; we went straight to our first site.

And then there were the teachers – too many to count! Starting this year, first through third grade teachers are implementing Math in Focus, the U.

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This cemetery had survived the Holocaust. Reading Multiple Books, by Dr.

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Another 7, overnight camps are offered, totaling 12, camps accommodating more than 10 million children, according to statistics from the American Camping Association. And if I get really interested in a specific book, I can always switch back to my old one-at-a-time strategy until I finish!

When year-old Andrew Byun decided to go to fencing camp this summer, he knew his choice was unusual. Age-appropriate weekly camps are held throughout the summer, and activities include a ropes course, swimming, archery, canoeing, survival skills, horseback riding, golf, and arts and crafts. She also finds the focus on multi-step complex problem solving is central to every skill and concept discussion.


Providing a high quality Jewish Day school education to current and future generations of Jewish children is vital to a vibrant and enduring Jewish future. Participants can expect to be in the water for up to six hours each day. And because we share them, I get tfjloh see the cute photos and things the first grader who shares my iPad made.

This was truly a team effort, with full school participation and belief in our ability to achieve our goals. Herda Baitch, who related her experience in Germany as a young child during Kristallnacht and about the beautiful life she has had here in Baltimore.

I love going home and running into so many of these teachers around town! At the YMCA of Tdiloh Maryland, summer camp is offered through each of its eight branches in a variety of traditional day camps, specialized sports camps and adventure camps. In Septemberthe Shoshana S. Have you considered a Baltimore Jewish Day School? We can also personalize and differentiate curriculum with them.

My family and I drove to New York and met the group there, and I was then on my way.

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To help inspire future legacy gifts, Beth Tfiloh has profiled current legacy gift donors in various communications throughout our organization. It was a cemetery in Warsaw. Not only do the arts tap into the imaginations of students, they create the deepest kind of involvement in Jewish learning.


Beth Tfiloh was an amazing place for me to continue the phenomenal secular and Judaic education that I received at the Yeshiva, and BT continues to be impressed with the many students from Harrisburg who have attended there over the years and still do! I remember Student Council elections and meetings, which were capped off in my 8th grade year, when I served as co-president with Sari Goldsmith Eisenberg. I had amazing Judaics teachers Parents See a Difference At the Nov.

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime

The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew responded to the offer, ever eager to bring best practices in education to its students. This once-in-a-lifetime bfth bonded our class and brought to life everything that we’d learned in school up until that point. Read the following musings from two-time Bram Stoker Award winner Dr.

Class trips to Fairview and the Oceanography retreat were incredible learning experiences – even for some of us less-than-outdoorsy classmates.

Cardin School inaugurated its partnership program with Lincoln Center Institute supported by a generous grant from the Herbert Bearman Foundation.

This story illustrates how the laws made by the Nazis changed friendships and negatively affected ftiloh lives of the Jews.

beth tfiloh homework

Literature class in conjunction with the U. A Jewish day school!