Around , runners joined the event in which garnered national attention for its attempt to secure a world-record for largest number of participants for a racing event. Instead of on-site housing, the objective became to stay in Manila through the acquisition of in-city housing lots were the PPHI construction can be completed. The Legarda community are aware that they are in possession of social capital, and the PPHI might certainly raise the social capital for the commu- nity. The place of destination thus becomes less important and more flexible Findley, , Safe from floods Socio-political Homeowners. The thesis might be published within the university, I will also share it with anyone who is interested in the project, if an opportunity to publish the paper appears I will do so. The main agenda for the PPHI is to construct new, climate adapted homes in the area where their current informal settlement resides.

Remember me on this computer. As one of the UPA contacts said: The loss of the land negotiation was a big setback for the PPHI. In the barangay there are about families, and the community of Legarda only make up a small part of the barangay. So through us, we get to change this way of thinking Restoration Efforts Recognizing how central the waterways are in the urban improvement of Metro Manila, Pasig River, its esteros and other tributary rivers have been the focus of several rehabilitation attempts.

Participants in and numbered 86, and 70, respectively.

case study ilog pasig

As with many old cities all over the world, water is a key defining characteristic of Manila. Porio and Crisol argue that an insurance of non-eviction from governments would suffice in providing a sense of secure housing as the fixed monthly amortisation that comes with ownership is too costly Porio and Crisol, I have chosen to exclude more technical research on specific adaptation strategies1as my focus is on community perspectives and not on policies.

The responses I got were similar: President Aquino is finishing his term in Mitlin also argues that communal investments in informal areas has the ca- pacity to create a sense of security among informal settlers. KBPIP is very active in promoting the various aspects and different stages of the project.


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Limitations Ideally I would have wanted to studu in the community during the course of my field work, but olog I could not find any appropriate location to stay in. Ram- ifications of neo-liberal policies towards the Philippine urban poor. The people of Legarda have experienced the realities of being unwanted in the city and under a threat of eviction for most of their lives.

This gave Gina Lopez the power to mobilize both private and public resources for the project. If the government wants to relocate the families, they will have to do so within Manila Interview 1, 4, 5, Informal housing built beside or on top of waterways lacked sanitary facilities: InPRRC developed a master plan of river improvement works, relocation of informal settlers, green parks along the river, and water- surface utilization for leisure activities PRRC Environment stuvy Urbanization 23 2— Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig.

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atudy However until Typhoon Ketsana3 struck the NCR inthe cap- ital had been relatively spared from any serious damage. As I indicated in Sec- tion 6. I would like to record the interview, if you are willing, and use the tapes to write our materials. If I go back and forth daily, all the money will go sutdy transport only Participation in this study will involve no costs or payments to you.

Mabilin furthers this argument by stating that the UDHA law of excludes the urban poor by legitimising reloca- tions in areas that are considered dangerous or are in need of infrastructural development Mabilin, The relocation of the urban poor is pzsig justified by a discourse where the people affected by the relocation are being blamed for the degradation of the land they are relo- cated from Schade, Instead the Estero de Paco project had several inter-related sub-projects.


She views this as the core reason to why the government have taken pasug position that the urban poor need to be relocated for their own protection Interview Even though the exact wordings of the respondents is important for the study, these words alone do not give a holistic picture of the context of the interviews.

Since the finan- cial capital of the informal settlers is low, the communities need financial support and government subsidies to finance a housing project themselves. Originating as stdy open canal in BaranggayEstero de Paco winds northward before discharging into the main river.

case study ilog pasig

Towards pro-poor adaptation to cli- mate change in the urban centres of low-and middle-income countries, Vol- ume 3. Bringing stuey Dying Ecosystem Back to Life.

In this section I review both research on implementation of adaptation strategies that has a top-down perspective, where the role of government and their engagement with local communities is in focus Sharma et al. Even though some individuals in the estero have bridged with UPA in order to achieve an on-site housing project, the community as a whole will have diffi- culties gaining support from other agents due to their lack of bonded social capital and communal goals.

I do not believe this has a negative ef- fect on the thesis. Revitalization of the Pasig River Through the Years: I certify that I have been told of the confidentiality of information collected for this project and the anonymity of my participation; that Studyy have been given satisfactory answers to my inquiries concerning project procedures and other matters; and that I have been advised that I am free to withdraw my consent and to discontinue participation in the project or activity at any time without prejudice.