Click here to sign up. The fact that Indian professionals had raced ahead created a flurry of discussions in the media and on the Internet. Having learned his lessons well, Sohaib was careful in choosing another investment partner this time. Cross-Border Venture Capital Performance: Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi and Abdur Rahman. Only a wild guess can be made that may or may not be true. TMT team calls as the most challenging year.

Help Center Find new research papers in: More like an experiment. Total investment at the year-end stands at Rs. Qualifications in Software Engineering, Networking and Programming became popular. The two kept their discussions on technology and venture capital alive. As business sentiment picked up, IT spending increased. Sohaib realized as well that the higher goal of pioneering an industry would remain elusive, until and unless other heavyweights of the finance industry lend support to the idea of venture capital.

The Axact case

The news of Indians heading Fortune companies was received in Pakistan with awe, as well as envy and frustration. It appears that a combination of these two factors resulted in growing concern among two Fund investors — NIT and PKIC — about the future of their venture investment.

case study on axact

It was the fifth investment of the fund and the first to be harvested. Soon enough, we found one in Safi Qureshey, who, inhad made it big in the US by co-founding AST computers, growing it to a multinational level as its president and then selling the company to Samsung Electronics tsudy over million US dollars.

Cumulative oon now reach Rs. When knowledge from global linkages were pitted against local realities, an indigenously unique incubation model emerged.

Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. In fact, patience is a recipe for success in any business.


Do not bet on ideas alone. Working in teams does not come naturally to them. The Team is more Zxact Than the Idea: TMT changes its investment model from technology product to technology services orientation.

Pakistan’s multi-million-dollar diploma mill

He was sympathetic to the genuine concerns of the business community he regulated. From a purely experimental beginning and when no rules existed, it has not only survived but also proven the business model by achieving a first-ever exit.

No such constraints are there in our second fund. It was not uncommon at that time, since almost the entire IT sector in Pakistan was linked to the US as if with an umbilical cord.

Do celebrity doctorates cheapen academic achievement?

case study on axact

The case captures them all, and more. Commonality of Purpose Esprit de corps a French phrase was first used by Henri Fayol in his famous fourteen principles of good management. All it needs is a different prosecution method that is least harmful to innocent people.

In this early stage, TMT managed to survive and grow by way axxct trial and error. Foreign ownership of businesses with ease of profit repatriation was allowed.

Axact case, again – Newspaper –

Besides their desire to make money, the team had consciously decided to make meaning. Again, it was just like an experiment and…really a xtudy foray into the unknown.

There was a sense of urgency bordering on desperation on the part of all UAE banks. In addition to intimidating subjects like Computer Science and Computer Engineering, they started offering qualifications in Information Technology Sstudywhich was less daunting and required no prerequisite background in Maths, Physics etc.

There was a need to focus and the entire initiative called for a long haul vision if it were to succeed. That is How TMT Ventures Wrote History clients and constraints of time led to such omissions of information, which, if captured would have made the case more insightful. The case aaxact Dr Asim Hussain is another example of how the functioning of Ziauddin Hospital continued unabatedly while its chairman went through a legal trial.


TMT and Iqbal Mahmood became lucky: With million rupees in the kitty, TMT aimed for an accelerated yet cautiously managed growth, intelligently choosing their deals to have a wider and richer experience in technology, media and telecommunication. The sources of information have been referenced in the main body of the case.

case study on axact

Hence, it is in our own interest to spread our learning, which we believe, would be crucial for other interested institutions while planning their initiatives. Its product-based model was flawed, and no amount of money could have helped the technology product model simply because the basic ingredients were missing on both the demand and the supply side. Coming at number four on the investment list, PA was, and remains, the largest single investment.

Majority of the IT qualification holders hoped to ultimately land in the US with an H1 visa and a rewarding job in the booming technology sector. A year veteran of global investment banking, Shaukat Aziz understood the significance of a venture capital industry for the economy.