All those employed indicated that their job level position on their current employment is the same as that of their first job. As to suggestions on how to further improve the PCCR BS Criminology curriculum, the respondents ranked the need for a mandatory requirement of all students to undergo out of school on-the-job training in Criminalistics and other major subjects as their top suggestion citing Criminal Investigation as their top subject of choice. When asked which competencies learned in college was useful in the first job of the respondents, communications skills ranked the highest with 31 or The European Graduate Survey provides the highest comparative information on graduate employment and work and the links between higher education and graduate employment and work ever provided. The resulting responses from those unemployed show that lack of eligibility ranks first in their reasons for being unemployed at 14 or This determined the number belonging to a group. Criminology degree; and, what competencies learned in college they found to be useful on the first job:

Through the years Philippine College of Criminology and the PCCR Criminology Review Center has become one of the top producers of board passers and topnotchers in the field of criminology. The rapidly changing economy has fuelled the desire for university graduates to adapt according this poses a problem for universities because of growing dichotomy between the purposes of education for employment and education primarily based on content knowledge for its own sake. Human relation skill got the highest rank in competency learned by the graduates. It refers to the graduates who operate and manage their own business. If this aim is to be reached, it will mean major change in schooling. Criminology; and Competencies learned in college found to be useful on the first job What is the employment status of respondents in terms of:

It refers to the third-stage or third level education, is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education such as a high school or secondary school. It is concerned with what has happened to pcrc and what has been the impact upon that institution and its program.


This refers to the formal and informal content and process by which learners gain knowledge and understanding, develop skills and attitude, appreciation and values.

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Criminology degree; and, what competencies learned in college they found to thseis useful on the first job: Thesis of Criminology Student. Handed out questionnaires to respondents personally; 5. The survey questionnaire was first submitted to the adviser for corrections, comments and suggestions. Firms and societies typically invest in human capital for the development of their employees and citizens in hopes of a future return on these investments.

This was friminology to determine the magnitude of a portion of a variable to the whole, following the formula: Foreign Studies Schombergmade a study which started from autumn to spring There were no transferees among the respondents.

Conclusions Based on the findings, the following pccd are drawn: Bunga Elementa School ad ary M. As to their place of work whether local or abroadall respondents indicated that they are all employed locally. Moreover, this study was geared towards finding the weaknesses and strengths of PCCR curriculum through the performance of graduates in the board examination and the academic adequacy preparation of students.

Rhesis can enliven the classroom, given good models of curricular design and teaching strategies and style. Considering that the aim of this educational institution PCCR is to provide quality education and develop proficient, legally and morally upright professionals in the field of criminal justice, the school must be made aware of the current status of their graduates.

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The relevant data which will be gathered in this study will be of value to the following: Salaries and benefits got the highest rank on why respondents stop in their present job; What are the biographic characteristics of PCCR graduates with regard to gender, age bracket, marital status, city of residence, region of origin and ethnic group: Students of Criminology The end-product of this research will help the aspiring criminologists discover the quality of the curriculum, adequacy of school facilities, the competency of academic instructors of PCCR in preparing the students, and the kinds of employment waiting for them after they graduate.


Note that the survey respondents were allowed to choose as many reasons as are applicable to them. They firmly believed that successes would primarily depend on the output of these institutions.

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Criminology coursework in exactly 4-years. As to how their first job was found, walk-in stood out as the most common method used in finding their first job at 31 or Principles and Practice, Sterling Publishing Ltd.

Her study provided five variables namely: And for those who are no longer employed with their first job, their primary reason for leaving is salaries and benefits at a frequency of 6 or The respondents are also mostly board passers at 45 or Ranked 2nd are Ilacanos at a frequency of 12 or Statement of the Problem Majority of the graduates are male, age years old, single and majority receive an annual income of P80, to P99, or a monthly income of P6, For variables that share the same rank duplicate ranksthe subsequent rank adjusts down according to the total duplicate ranks.

The method of ranking comprised of assigning numbers or rank according to their value relative to the others in the array.

criminology thesis pccr

Researchers The researchers will benefit from the results of this study because the research methodology, statistical tools, as well as the findings, conclusions and recommendations of this study can be used as their basis when conducting similar or related studies in the future.

It can be seen that nearly half reside in Manila City hence is ranked first with a frequency of 27 or

criminology thesis pccr