The harvesting is founded upon a quota on the basis of population size, long-term climate predictions and trends that is reviewed annually. Foxes were brought across from England for the. Artifically feeding a signature animal of Australia only adds to Australia’s poor track record. Eastern and western greys, reds, wallaroos [and other larger species] exploded to the point where they were a serious threat to farmers, particularly during droughts. This is a set of government guidelines that regulates such things as the accuracy of sharpshooters that kill Kangaroos, ensuring that direct shots to the head occur and result in the instantaneous, painless death of Kangaroos. The animal is on the coat of arms, 50c coin and is native to Australia.

Herding Kangaroo herds into trucks is not easy, particularly when it involves thousands of Kangaroos. Why not simply move a portion of the Kangaroo population in an area somewhere else? Calculated on a ten-year period, an average of three million adult kangaroos are killed each year…. Do they manage grazing to increase species abundance and diversity? Explain the importance of the study of past environments in predicting the impact of human activity in present environments. Could a cull avoid undermining the case against Japanese whaling? Australian Immigration And Its Effects words – 4 pages from Asia between 50 and thousand years ago.

I very, very much doubt it. I think that killing animals for profit, by choice, is by definition inhumane.

Did people hunt small marsupials in quantity for food, destroy their habitats, or otherwise set in motion a chain of events that extinguished a number of species?

Further, let us examine these justifications by John Kelly, reporting on behalf of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia:.

culling kangaroos essay

David Lindenmayer has received funding from the ARC. Barry Cohen, in a pro-cull editorial published this year in The Australiangives this version of history: It is impossible to ensure kangaroos are killed quickly, with a head shot. In the end, therefore, it may not save any additional Kangaroos – as compared to culling – and it might also be equally or even more inhumane as culling them in the first place.


Do cullings threaten aboriginal culture and historical relations with the Kangaroo? Efficient planning has been suggested by Carver to be structured with single ownership of performance areas Carver, Kangaroos do possess natural predators and chief among these besides the first indigenous Australians is the Australian dingo.

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Allowing the grazing pressure from all animals to increase is one of the most serious environmental hazards in the rangelands. The science shows Red kangaroos need only drink once a month, Wallaroos need never drink if they have access to deep shade and Greys do not need to drink all the time.

culling kangaroos essay

Population size have fluctuated throughout the past 25 years with the combined number between 15 and 50 million in harvested areas. Community Community kaangaroos Republishing guidelines Analytics Our feeds Company Who we are Our charter Our team Our advisers Partners and funders Resource for media Contact us Stay informed and subscribe to our free daily newsletter and get the latest analysis and commentary directly in your inbox.

Environment And Kangaroos Essay

In response to Ashley The truth is we do not know how many kangaroos were present in areas such as Western NSW before white settlement. Unfortunately its presence is not compatable with sheep farming and landowners often denigrate it by claiming it to be an introduced pest.

The kangaroo is one of Australia’s original inhabitants, deserving both respect and compassion. Situations that occur in today’s environment have happened in the past, so a close study of past environments leads to a knowledge of past environments and conditions which allows a better understanding of present-day ecosystems whic helps us to predict the human impact in present environments which leads to harmful.

While this number seems large, large-scale population surveys over large parts of the Australian continent have reported the total number of kangaroos is in excess of 25 million animals.

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Second, Kangaroos can carry diseases into their new habitat, which may prove equally devastating. Some argue that this kagaroos be inhumane because it would traumatize Kangaroo. There is now abundant evidence to suggest that the outlook for long term survival of our cherished icon has never been bleaker. Australian Immigration And Its Effects words – 4 pages from Asia between 50 and thousand years ago.


If this is taking place in crowded local areas, it can potentially jeopardize the public safety. The seasonal drought, occasional fires, and grazing by large mammals all prevent woody shrubs and trees from invading and becoming established.

The Australian Kangaroo Kill–That Is, “Cull”

Third, a human has to promptly approach the sedated Kanaroos and perform the euthanasia, which distresses and disturbs the Kangaroo herd, often resulting in their thrashing around in distress. This may require a variety of approaches, such as fencing, culling and fire. Views Article Discussion Edit History. Brett Howland Managers of conservation areas have resorted to culling to reduce kangaroo numbers in several areas.

culling kangaroos essay

The problem is, first, that whales are scarce worldwide, making each additional death of these animals marginally worse than the death of a Kangaroo that is culled because of overpopulation.

This would solve both problems.

A Cherished icon on akngaroos brink. Kangaroos are not in plague proportions Those seeking to control kangaroos by killing them as “pests” ignore the diversity of the different kangaroo species and their various roles in Australia’s fragile eco- system. Like the kangaroo, its image has been tarnished by those whose livelihoods depend upon the land. Furthermore, kangarops is no ecological evidence to indicate whether there are more or less kangaroos today than pre-European settlement.