This book is about the adventures of two men, George Milton and the mentally disabled Lennie Small. When Curleys Curley’s wife does try to put herself out fufill her American dream. I looked up every couple of paragraphs or so. When harassed, George reminds Renee not to retaliate at all times. Wednesday, November 9, The American Dream: The fact that she is the only woman makes her opinions and actions representative of all women living in the Great American Depression.

How does Steinbeck present attitudes to women in the society in which the novel is set? I never get to talk to nobody. The symbolism of the colour red cannot escape us: In her red and makeup and feathered shoes, she has no place on a farm. Her clothes are also very attractive. One thing that put her dream to a hault was as she thinks “[her] old lady stole [the letter]. Wednesday, November 9, The American Dream:

This book is about the adventures of two men, George Milton and the mentally disabled Lennie Small.

He does not seem to play a central role, but he is very important in other respects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So, before I share, my thoughts. Curley’s Wife’s Character Analysis. She goes to the guys to be noticed but they just turn her away. He wants to end the conversation.


Curley’s wife had the dream to become noticed, but this is in a way impossible for her to do, due to get family and her realationship with Curley. You never find out her name.

curleys wife dream essay

Langston Hughes once said, “If a dream dies and sticks to a dream, life is a broken bird that can not fly. Make sure you move on when you need to. How about receiving a customized one?

It was impossible for women to accomplish the American dream, because woman were property of a man, giving them no independence to be something other than a housewife. Curley;s wife symbolized the level of equality that women had in esssay time period that took place in the story.

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Two pivotal characters are shown in particular as examples of this theme. Within her very first introduction, Steinbeck offers a glimpse of her role as the promiscuous troublemaker and the way in which the other characters respond to this. Still, we can see what a dangerous situation this is. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

curleys wife dream essay

The red dress is an omen. All of these characters allow you to imagine “American dream”; freedom to pursue happiness without dreams and dreams. Curley is the boss’s son. She is a trophy wife and yet she has no value here. He does as I suppose many people would. I had the clock constantly running by me. Of Mice and Men A. Wednesday, November 9, The American Dream: When Curley’s wife enters “the doorway [and] cuts off the sunshine” she is only trying to be noticed. It shows that she spends all her time alone, in her house as the men work in the fields.


When around Lennie she tries to wkfe friendly but Lennie keeps “[interuping about] not getting to tend the rabbits. These two unfortunate souls live in a world full of broken dreams, discrimination, loneliness.

Curley’s Wife “Of Mice and Men”

Her role in this theme is slightly more important than others, however, because of her position as the only draem character on the farm. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? I could have written for hours about the extract and missed out altogether on part b of the answer.