Design, synthesis, characterization, and applications of functional, porous, and crosslinked polymers. Carbonylation of alcohols and olefins using soluble transition metal catalysts. Catalytic functionalization of benzofurans and total synthesis of propolisbenzofuran B. Artificial intelligence based methodologies for modeling optimization and monitoring of chemical processes. Catalytic, enantioselective michael addition reaction. Investigations in origins of activity of molecularly imprinted polymer mimics of chymotrypsin. Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules and synthetic methods involving oxidation of N-H, O-H bonds and oxidative halogenation of arenes and alkenes.

Hydrocarbon degradation by microorganisms from the marine environment. Lipids of crown gall tumour and normal callus tissue. Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions using solid porus catalysts. Constitution and synthesis of naturally occuring hydroxyanthraquinonoid igments. Catalytic oxidative conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons, syngas or carbon dioxide. Rifampicin as a novel glycation inhibitor. Metal fluoride supported palladium:

Electrical and thermal properties of some semiconductors.

Electrospinning of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers and their application in scaffold tissue engineering. Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene Nanoribbons. Elucidating molecular mechanism of antiglycation compounds by proteomic approaches.

Electrical properties of zinc oxide semiconductor. Application of chromatography to the purification disssertation direct cotton dyes and vat dyes, and the constitution of some vat dyes. De novo designed foldamers based on biotic and abiotic building blocks.


Studies in terpenoids “dissertation for M.Sc. degree

Crystal and molecular structure studies by X-Ray diffraction. Development of chemoenzymatic methods for the preparation of optically pure drugs and drug intermediates.

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But a hand pune letter on high quality writing paper can pune it even more prized, enhancing the dissertation experience. Identification and characterization of plant derived proteinaceous inhibitors of gut digestive enzymes of poluphagous insect pest helicoverpa armigera hubner.

Alkylation and disproportionation of aromatic compounds over molecular sieve catalysts. Chemical investigation of some indian plants. ImmanuelSelva Rupa Christinal. Identification of molecular markers associated with rust resistance in bread wheat Triticum Aestivum L. Chemical investigation of pulicaria wightiana, turraea villosa, grangea maderaspatana and some chemical transformations of alpha- pinene. Activation of small molecules dssertation cycloaddition and coupling reactions over transition metal catalysis.

Isolation and synthesis of some biologically active coompounds.

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Computational studies of noncovalent interactions in understanding and designing new systems of biological and chemical significance. Biochemical studies in plant tissue culture with reference to hyperhydration. Fluorescence as a probe to study self-organization in methacrylate polymers and the ndl of novel hierarchical architectres.

Dissertation at ncl pune

Crystal and molecular structures of P-toluic acid and 2-nitromethyl benzoic acid by X-ray diffraction. A molecular view of membrane bcl related phenomenon: Azo and azoic dyes based on naturally occuring raw materials. Homo- and copolymerization of bicyclic olefins using ziegler-natta catalysts.


Biochemical analysis of a specific class of antifugal proteins from pearl millet pennisetum glaucum. Catalytic synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and its application as a green reagent for the synthesis of aromatic carbamates. Catalytic routes for hydroxyalkylation of phenols followed by oxidation for the synthesis of flavouring and fragrance agent. CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune disdertation a research, development and consulting organisation with a focus on chemistry and chemical engineering.

Synthesis of Barium Titanate.

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Isolation and identification of terpenoids from compositae and meliaceae plants. Ferrierite Fer a medium pore zeolite: Highly porous poly HIPE materials: Design and implementation of a biodiversity information management system: Functionalised macroporous affinity matrics.

Designed nucleic acid mimics with internucleobase distance complementarity.