To cast this kind of shape, special steel formwork with adequate scaffolding and false-work system was designed and provided to have control over geometry of structure. The precast segments are erected by balanced cantilever construction method using a beam and winch erection system. Bored cast-in-situ piles of 1. In , heavy traffic conjunction issues are being encountered on this NH-8 due to distress of existing Sardar Bridge on Narmada River at Bharuch. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Butterfly-Shaped rail terminal to offer airport-like facilities at Byappanahalli. In this mode loaded Puller tractor moves to Load out jetty structure as shown in Figure 8 and then via lifting gentry crane it is being loaded on floating barge.

This paper addresses the design characteristics and construction methodology for bridge decking in extradosed bridge structure. Hello, thank you, nice text. Concept is more or less module based design, where nine numbers of pylons having balance cantilever extradosed design along with two abutments makes the bridge. Please enter your name here. Several modal shapes of the whole bridge are precisely identified by linking the mode shapes of seven sequential measurements. The actual service state of the bridge is analyzed by the comparison of experimental and calculation results. The researchs can provide the basic data for study on bridge health monitoring system development and bridge vibration signal separation technique.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

Vertical pile capacity is duly modified for scour condition by considering overburden pressure from scour level. Stay cable extradosed system-Dyna-Link Anchor box stay cable system, Post-tension bar stressing. A manipulator permits adjustment of the longitudinal fall and hydraulic cylinders launch the device forward.


After the erection of one segment on expansion side; next segment will be erected on continuous joint side. Bored cast-in-situ piles of 1. Casestudy on the NarmadaBridge is excellent example for multi-span extradosed bridge type. Alignment is carried out followed by dry matching the segment to the exact position by adjusting with hydraulic jacks.

Please enter your name here. Resolving obstacles in transportation involving any water body, requires the concern of bridge engineering. Transverse tendons are provided and stressed during segment casting only. Short-line segment casting arrangements and stacking yard are provided. Transverses slope of 2.

Stay segment takes five days due to complex reinforcement and other guide-pipe arrangement in blisters. Segment top beam is fixed to the segment with the help of lifting pins. The microwave interferometer used in the extradoed study is capable of multiple-point displacement measurements.

Material includes coated strands HDPE duct-pipes and anchorage system. Thursday, May 23, Route considered as one of the busiest national highway across the country.

extradosed bridge thesis

The study provides the initial technical files and the basis of acceptance, operation, maintenance and management for the bridge. Epoxy glue is mixed with a mechanical mixer. The draped hybrid part external, part internal tendons are provided for shear relief. It is equipped with two hoists for lifting the precast segments as well as for adjusting the cross-fall.

Thesis on Extradosed Bridge

In current scenario, many structural configuration options are available for bridge structure. Top of thesiz cap is at low water level. However,construction still has to face constraints such as tidal conditions and weather will, but bridge progress till date substantiates the importance of sound efforts in planning, design, and management.


Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an The typical pylon for the main bridge substructure is chosen to have a Y-shaped with rounded corners to improve aesthetics and to reduce wind and water current loads. Second, the actual operating conditions of Pazhou Bridge is good and thesks has a good bearing capacity. The precast segmental BridgeBuilder Figure 9 is designed for a maximum precast segment length of approx.

Extradosed Bridge-Span Construction: Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch

This stressing is carried out to squeeze the glue and get adequate rigid bonding between two segments. Two MT capacity gantries for handling of segments are erected on track beam supported on RCC raft.

Integral connection at the pylon location of substructure and the superstructure is provided by pier tables. In order to study the dynamic characteristics of a super-long-span cable-stayed bridge which is semi-floating system, the spatial finite element model of this cable-stayed bridge was established in ANSYS based on the finite element theory.

Then segment is pulled in forward direction.

extradosed bridge thesis

In order to do stressing strands are High-Tensile stands are inserted according to design and sequence and then stressed with the help of jack one or both end.