Office of Authentications U. This ensures your documents are secure and completed quickly. Hope that answers your question, Ben. Hi, thank you for posting this info. June 25, at 7: Is it OK to leave the Tracking Number section blank or will the Department of State have some kind of problem with that? Hello Ben, thanks for answering.

June 16, at Otherwise, just print it out and fill it in very neatly with black ink. Ben, I am in desperate need of some advice. Hi Lily, It seems like each consulate varies in the requirements needed to obtain the student Visa. September 12, at 6: And regarding your question on whether you should do it in your home state or DC, you can get an apostille from your North Carolina Secretary of State office for documents notarized in the state of North Carolina. I was looking on the website link you kindly provided and the are two links there and I am a little confused.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

If I drive there will I be able to retrieve it? There is an additional shipping fee for international delivery.

5 Steps to an Apostilled FBI Criminal Background Check

If you receive the letter by e-mail, you can simply forward it to us by email for processing. The phone call helped clear up my questions. In case you need the Spanish Criminal Record Certificate, here is the blog backgriund I just wrote about it. Thanks for posting this Andrea! Any help would be much appreciated.


August 6, at 1: Otherwise, just print it out and fill it in very neatly with black ink. Does it sound possible???

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Did you still need to fill out the DS form? I was dover nuts trying to figure this part out. I am obviously not applying for the school year, because it is already closed! How long did it officially take for yours to come through? July 22, at I need to get an apostille for my FBI background check and I was wondering if there is any other way to get it than through U.

How to Get the FBI Background Check and Apostille for Auxiliares Program |

This document, either the FBI one or the Department of Law Enforcement one, has to be translated into Spanish and legalized with the Apostil Certification where police clearance letter was issued.

The documents required for a student visa include either an FBI or a state police background check, so I plan on driving to the capital of my state to obtain this, badkground on the website says that it takes 30 minutes to process, as opposed to 3 months.

I am confused about the DS Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply. Hi Natalie, I think you can still get the Apostille after the 90 days.

FBI Apostille Example

Sorry for all these questions I want to help her get back home and I am afraid of aposti,le something wrong. On the cover letter form for authentications servicethere is a field to fill in the document you need authenticated FBI Criminal Background Record and the country.


That CBC is crucial and takes the longest to process. C Regarding the documents…which ones have to be Apostilled? Hi Richard, That is an interesting predicament! Good luck and post any updates! His steps were essentially this same as Andrea above for NY consulate: If you need to return your document to an international address, please include an international airway bill with your request. Maybe try another browser? Chdck is his quote:.

June 16, at ffbi Submit Payment When it comes to the payment method you will use, you have two options: For the record, I think your estimate of weeks is a bit optimistic. So are our medical and FBI background certificates out of date already?!?!?

August 14, at 9: The average processing time for mail-in requests is 10 business days from the date of receipt from the Department mailroom different from the date of delivery for most tracked packages to the date of return to the Department mailroom.