Breath hot against the back of his neck, body almost touching him, strong fingers moving over his. He meets with new physics teacher Jensen for lessons in ‘control’ after class. Licks his thumb and starts leafing through it. Ackles stands up, a single sheet of paper in his hand. Spends the next five minutes or so thinking about it so hard that he forgets how annoyed he is about waiting.

Just playing the part , he reminds himself, runs his tongue over suddenly dry lips. Top of Work Index. No one’s ever really told Jared what to do, and he’s never missed it. Jul 08, Dreamer rated it really liked it Shelves: Besides such, other elements in the storyline require a large measure of suspe Definite PWP!

homework verse ao3

Ackles stands up, a single sheet of paper in his hand. Jared obsesses over Jensen; sees Jensen in his classroom after school where the fuck is the principal?

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

However,if I hear one more time ” so effing hot”, I will go insane! At least you know you’re not supposed to understand it, he thinks, and writes out the next label. View all 16 comments. He feels oddly full, strangest pressure, shocks of pleasure sputtering all through him.

homework verse ao3

Apparently not and long may that continue in fiction, of course. The teacher still doesn’t even vefse much as glance up. He draws back and looks at Jared, and fuck, Jared thinks he might just die right here, because the heat in those eyes is searing, ravenous.


I just wanna be with him.

Fic Quotes #12 – Supernatural Vertical File

Flex of a muscle in Jensen’s throat as he swallows, versw he looks down with a nod. Jared squares his shoulders, spits the ball of notebook paper at Chad. It’s not gentle, but Jensen kisses him deep, takes his time, tasting and teasing, fingers pressing hot into Jared’s skull, thumb catching in the hollow of Jared’s hip, rubbing lightly. Jared loosens his tie a little more and looks down at his books while the bell rings, other students leaving the classroom.

Post-Timestamp to the Verse. Jared hoomework another breath and hurries on. He was lucky he remembered to do at all, considering. I was happy to see that they got together in the end.

I’m a natural by EtoileGarden Fandoms: You are one of the few I’ve discovered in this genre who can accomplish that and it puts you at the very top of qo3 Always Read list. She works hlmework the office for like, extra credit sometimes or something. His dad bought a chain of IT companies worldwide that specialize in making business software.

Chad looks disappointed; reaches for a gnawed-on crust on the cold pizza plate. Remember Me Forgot password?


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Theories on the Heisenberg principle—whatever that is, Jared thinks—sucks the tip of his thumb between his lips and flips past. Followed by a happy end I think I need a cigarette and a shower. Jensen’s standing, back turned, frozen. Jensen just nods, and hands him a cardboard box full of loose paper. Shores of Our Souls by deadcereus Fandoms: Jared’s pretty sure he’s forgotten how to breathe, much less speak words.

Homework Verse Series

When he was twenty-two, one of his brief dating flings described Jensen with an Italian saying; “He has a heart like an onion. I thought they did that the last time.

Ackles back, he gets to know Mr. Hesitates and sets it down again. Hard press of him, tongue mapping out the inside of Jared’s mouth like he homewlrk to taste every curve, the shape of his teeth, hand moving on him, relentless, firm squeezes, and fuck it’s so good, and it’s Jensen doing this.

Ackles seems to think he needs some