Hsun Tzu and Mencius both agree that human beings give birth to offspring based on their inherent reaction towards life. Hsun Tzu s view on human nature is more valid than Mencius because humans always want what they don t have, and it is impossible to learn human nature it is something that is inherent in a person, and society could not function without rules and laws and if people were fundamentally good then there would be no need for them. While Hsun Tzu believed that people are taught rituals, Mencius believed that people were born with rituals. History of World War II Save this discount code:.

Courseware, 42 Anyone is capable of becoming good however not everyone is willing to be good but everyone does have the ability and potential. Mencius believes that people often act the same way with their hearts they do not take care it, they put no effort to restore the original goodness of their heart. Since the creature did not get any satisfaction from embracing they would spend the whole time embraced, and they would not eat, this lead to death. Primary Language Acquisition 2. History of World War II

Courseware, 27 He believes that people have the potential to be good it is not foreign within them. If human beings embrace that which they love they will see it grow but if they ignore it will fizzle.


The two creatures having been used to doing things together could not functions without each other, sesay led them to embrace each other in an hsub to get back together. Web Programming and Design Wildlife and Fisheries International and Comparative Law Therefore, from this we can conclude that a person deniers good because his nature is evil.

This argument proves that people are naturally evil, and it is only after they are esxay that they become good. Information Science and Technology Psychology of Language Substance Abuse Studies Gadgets and Devices If a man is originally good in his true nature then there is no way that he can get derailed from his true nature.

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All humans posses the same nature… the sages Yao and Shun possessed the same nature as the tyrant Chief or Robber Chih, and the gentleman possesses the same nature as the petty man. Courseware, 41 All people are born with the same nature but what makes some people be good and others evil is that the good people are able to transform their nature and apply themselves to conscious activity.

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While Hsun Tzu believed that people are taught rituals, Mencius believed that people were born with rituals. Law and Society Atmospheric and Oceanic Science rzu We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The teachings of Hsun Tzu encouraged people to cultivate sacrifice in order for them to live a modest life.


Landscapes and Water Law and History Courseware, 27 In Mencius view anyone lacking these four components is not human. Text and Data Mining Government and Political Science Mencius believes that human beings are fundamentally good and that they have a natural potential for goodness.

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Because Mencius and Hsun Tzu differ on their perception of human nature, their conceptions Philosophy of Science Environmental Economics and Policy Hsun Tzu stated that people were naturally born evil because they had desires to gain profit for their own good. This example Xunzi Hsun Tzu Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

hsun tzu essay

Law, Science, and Technology Epistemology Theory of Knowledge From this it can be seen ewsay whoever is devoid of the heart of compassion is not human….

To begin with there are numerous accounts where men led wars against other countries, destroyed property.