While filling DS, you would need your passport, very first I the first time you arrived in US and all DSs you received till date. Hi Bhavya, did you speak with someone on the phone or just the recorded message? Upon completion of your exchange program, you have a grace period of 30 days to depart the United States, I think it refers to this time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Did you pay the online fee? There is no use checking it in the whole day it is a serious time waste. Thank you so much.

I never got the NORI at my apartment. I am just curious to ask around if anyone on this blog was an ORISE Fellow and received a favorable recommendation regarding the waiver. I want to ask you that I recently received an extension on current J-1 visa for 2years to work more. My home country is India, but I assume the procedure is pretty similar for other countries. This site uses cookies.

Its a waiting game from here onward. I knew that this stage is going to take me infinite time and thus I kept all documents ready.

Please do not worry. Funding source is mentioned on the DS I will share the reason which forced me to apply for J1 waiver: I sent documents to the following address please confirm the address prior to mailing the NORIs – Addresses may change with time! Two year rule does not apply. The person at the gate refused to let me in since I did not have an appointment. I forgot to put those envelops into my package when I mailed it.


Did you apply by post also? What will go in here: Only For Tamilnadu The Passport office where the passport was issued. There are 5 stages I passed through in i1 to break free from this J1 waiver curse. I could not believe that I do not need to deal anymore with Indian side of lettsr J1 waiver process anymore. If you find anything useful, difficulties and experiences, forward it to me Because my program only offer 1 year of DS and renews every year.

As far as I know, chances of getting a J1 waiver for scholars who come to the US on a Fulbright fellowship are not very bright specially for Indians. Send all the above documents and attachments either by post to your jurisdiction area or submit in person.

j1 nori cover letter

Can you please give the address for home department to submit forms and the details of documents required to submit.

It was renewed in Gujarat in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hi, Ashutosh, really a great blog and information. Only few lucky ones are on H1 visa. You are lettfr using your Google account. However the website says no information is available for my case number?


J1 Visa Waiver updated March 1

Additionally, Can someone also please comment on this concern I have: My latest passport was issued in Chicago and has my Michigan address, so what would my Regional Passport Office? First of all, thank you very much for posting this information.

j1 nori cover letter

Anyone from Maharashtra reading this comment please go to https: Some additional points about J1 waiver: I have completed my PhD in xyz from xyz, India. This grace period is strictly not for lerter. I am not sure if anyone has been through a similar experience but if you have any insight, it would be great.

J1 Visa Waiver

Sign up for a new account in our community. Once form received mori will forward waiver form to your local authorities Tahsil, DGP or your village authority. Check each form to see that it has been signed and has the Indian Embassy Seal.