The superannuation guarantee level should be restored to 12 per cent as we originally legislated in However, given the culture wars, the distinction is still important. Finally, any credible national vision, unless it is to disappear into clouds of pious hope, also demands of us the formulation of a national policy strategy to secure our survival, our prosperity, our sustainability and to give effect to our responsibilities in the world. A functioning order develops norms, agrees rules of international behaviour and gives these effect through properly empowered international tribunals such as the UN Security Council or the World Trade Organisation. Commonwealth of Nations comment.

Developed in large part in Australia, this critical innovation was lost abroad in because of a failure to locate sufficient venture capital to take it to global market. And at a pace and composition of migration flows that maintains social stability on the way through. A long time ago, Murdoch effectively became his own conservative political party, masquerading as a news corporation, in prosecution of his mutually reinforcing ideological and commercial interests. Charles R Morris is no stranger to writing. It must deal with the immediate humanitarian aid requirements of neighbouring countries where asylum seekers first flee.

This was to be delivered by affordable, nation -wide, high-speed broadband for every household, business and institution in the country. As in Canada, all corporate donations should be banned in Australia. Without the successful prosecution of this core and continuing interest, our living standards will not be sustained.

Detailed urban planning for how we sustain our cities, our infrastructure and our environment on the way through would be mandatory to accommodate this level of growth. He advocates spending on infrastructure, energy efficiency, and health-care reform. This can be done in a way which guarantees energy security. European countries have not been in crisis because they did not have him at the helm; the US did not suffer an economic disaster because it wanted for a Wayne Swan when the crisis hit.


Our founding fathers, in our constitutional arrangements, also invoked the blessings of a higher spiritual reality in the crafting of our then embryonic Commonwealth, reflecting a deeper yearning for a eudd purpose beyond the narrower material interests esway our national life. Whereas the right and the far-right will always seek to occupy this ground, thereby comfortably defining the terms of the culture wars of the future.

Taken to its extreme, this in turn results in the forced, unwanted policy change by smaller states.

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When in office, they too were demonised as sell-outs to the right. They want Britain to do well. The bottom line is that a European Union without Britain will be a weaker international actor than it has been, particularly if the European centre of political gravity increasingly moves in a more populist direction.

Show 25 25 50 All. They must now become an essential, indeed foundational, component of the big policy debates of the nation.

The Complacent Country | Kevin Rudd

Progressives must embrace our past while equally anticipating our future. At least under our current media laws.

Therefore, sustaining these multiple, complex drivers and determinants of our long term economic prosperity represents an enduring national interest for us all. It can also be achieved without building new coal-fired power stations. Indeed, if the international trading or financial system were to close down on us, as has happened several times before in our rudx short economic history, our national and individual levels of wealth would simply collapse.

Whereas much of the left commentariat would prefer an eternal seminar on why we failed to win power.

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The data does not lie. The shiny new toy Now that the election is over it is time for a bit of reflection. This could also be enhanced by a proportion of free advertising being required of all media networks and newspapers at election time as part of their public responsibility for the functioning of the democracy, and in the case of the electronic media as a condition of their esay. The American experience has been much the same.


This would require constitutional changes in all four countries. Parliaments would learn something from this. A vision is also about the eseay we share, because these ultimately shape what we can sustain, what we will tolerate, and what we will never abide. Piers Akerman, writing in The Daily Telegraph said: The European political centre is being hollowed out.

In time we must evolve into a coalition of progressive social democrats capable of bringing the whole country with us, not just part.

kevin rudd gfc essay

It is not, therefore, simply a question that ourvalues are different to the conservatives. Yet the constant failure lies on the entrepreneurial and venture capital side in taking world-class innovation to its full market potential. Therefore, a more anticipatory political and reformist agenda is necessary if we are to secure our national future, let alone our progressive future.

Think the Commonwealth can save Brexit Britain? That’s utter delusion

By and large, however, these Ievin have been confined to the right wing of the Australian conservatives and no longer represent the Australian political mainstream. Second, unapologetic bias in editorial opinion, to the point that editorial opinion and news coverage become one. It has now become an urgent national necessity.