A water release of 1, million litres a day can produce enough power to illuminate a town the size of Hexham population 11, Paper bbc – Challenges in bitesize geography environment Urban bbc and challenges Finally, the construction of the lake saw the loss of a number of farms, houses and a school, with some families being forced to move out of the area. There are more benefits than disadvantages. It holds , litres The dam is over 1km long In the process-. GCSE bitesize or www.

Kielder water is a management scheme designed to store water for the North East of England. Kielder Water works closely with Northumberland Wildlife Trust and other partners to develop and protect the local wildlife. Kielder water supplements the River Derwent flow when the reservoir is low and fed into the pipe distribution system. Kielder Water Case Study Rivers are managed to provide a water supply. This means that while the south of England is often forced to implement drought strategies and hosepipe bans, north east England enjoys plentiful water supplies. This lead to the opening of a Samsung factory in Teessisde which lead to other companies to build in the area. Full coverage of chapter 17 Nigeria:

Northumberland’s Kielder Water in 35 facts – 35 years after it was officially opened

Kielder water is located in Northumberland, close to the Scottish border It is located in the North East of England This included flooding the River North Tyne valley Few people lived in the valley, few families needed to be rehoused Most of the land was poor-quality farmland, remote from markets in the lower Tyne valley When:.

The lake is 11km long and stores nearly ,million litres of water — this helps in times of water shortages 58 families were displaced from their homes by the dam, their houses disappearing beneath the lake that formed.

The North-East now has one of the most reliable and sustainable water supplies in England.

The demand for water was not as high as people had anticipated. Why Ukip’s Richard Elvin wants your vote We’ve invited all seven parties standing in the EU election in the North East to set out their pitch to voters.


kielder water case study facts

The North East region benefits from a complex water grid system which, using a mixture of gravity and pumps, can move vase from its 22 reservoirs to the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees.

Make sure you can name specific locations and use facts and figures to prove to the examiner that you know your case study Unknown 18 September at There were many opposing opinions on the Kielder water project, many of them changing over the time it took the reservoir to be built. Its shoreline, including Bakethin, is 27 miles and the depth is 52 metres feet at the deepest point. Newer Post Older Post Home. Kielder water supplies mostly the North-East of England.

Northumbria Police Police appeal after alleged assault and robbery at The Mile Castle pub Northumbria Police want the victim of an alleged attack at the Wetherspoon pub to come forward. This water is used to maintain minimum flow factx at times of low natural rainfall and allows additional flows to be released for both domestic and industrial abstraction. Overfarming ruins the soil and so water just goes straight through it The initial sessions, held over six weeks at Newcastle Civic Centre, heard nearly objections before the inspector recommended the scheme go ahead.

This increases the pore water pressure within the cliffs, Electricity generation is also a by-product of the release cas water into the river.

Wear, Derwent and Tees.

kielder water case study facts

Planned in the late ‘s Project started in Opened in Why?:. This means that it receives more rain than areas to the east, which lie in the rain shadow. Upcoming events can be found at www. There are more benefits than disadvantages. Andrea Fatcs resigns as Prime Minister’s authority crumbles over Brexit deal There are reports coming out of Westminster that Prime Minister Fqcts May will announce her resignation on eve of crunch Brexit election.

Water that collects in Kielder reservoir is transported southwards and released into rivers that flow to the cities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Darlington and Middlesbrough. Many families were moved from their homes in order to make way for the dam and reservoir.


A1 Family of dad-of-three killed in head-on A1 crash issue stark warning as driver awaits sentence Matthew Crook, of Albatross Way, Blyth, was found not guilty of causing death by qater driving, but admitted causing death by careless driving. The water surface area of Kielder Water is about ha – this represents the same size of area which is replanted with trees each and every year.

Discharge into each river is by cascade spillway, which encourages reoxygenation of the water, which dater have been retained in the tunnel for some time.

kielder water case study facts

The differences in water received are clearly marked on the graph below, and the area in which Kielder is in receives mm of rain a year, whilst Newcastle receives only mm! More than 3, people took part in the Kielder Marathon and other races across the weekend.

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There are around people employed both directly and indirectly in timber harvesting and so the forest dase a vital role in the economy of the north east of England. New home shirt pictured, but thankfully it’s not the real home strip Newcastle United are due to reveal their new kit in July, and the design looks very different based on the leaked pictures.

Paper bbc – Challenges in bitesize geography environment Urban bbc and challenges The reservoir is linked to the exit point of the Derwent Reservoir in County Durham, with a pipeline fed from the North Tyne river below the Kielder dam.