I’m not sure if this actually happens, or how often it happens. Given the current condition of the firm and macroeconomic conditions, do you think we should invest in the equity piece, the senior debt piece, or the mezz piece and why? Recent news Private equity salary, bonus and carried interest expectations in the U. McManus warns that you will never have enough time to complete the case study properly. Increase the duration of the amortization of intangibles 5. Another current private equity professional says you shouldn’t go out on a limb though, and you should appear cautious: What exactly do you do here?

It’s purpose is to make you answer one question: Quick is better then accurate when answering this type of question. While they remain relatively rate due to the higher risks than a traditional term loan, but they have started popping up again Table 8 below. IB Resources See all. US High Yield Bond Issuance 12 Call protection prepayment With leveraged loans, the borrower can usually prepay principal with no penalties. A typical mezzanine transaction is structured as debt typically an unsecured or subordinated note or preferred stock and is senior only to equity in the capital structure.

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As a PE investor, hence as a case solver, you need to highlight and discuss risks, and whether you are ready or not to underwrite them. Credit investors, on the other hand, are not as focused on growth; their main concern is getting their interest payments and principal back. Because mezzanine debt is structured specifically for transactions, the characteristics can vary.


An insider’s look at how bonds are used in fixed caes research, sales and xtudy and investment banking.

Mezzanine case study wso

Being senior or subordinated to another bond technically has wsso to do with being secured, but instead depends on whether there is an inter-creditor agreement in place between the two or more bond tranches. He also advises getting friends who’ve been through case study interviews before to put you through some mock questions on your presentation.

View jezzanine Recent Articles. The fund you’re interviewing with will want to see that you can think like an investor, not just a financier.

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mezzanine case study wso

Building key sensitivities into model outputs. Another current private equity professional says you shouldn’t go out on a limb though, and you should appear cautious: They cse this through:. Often, you’ll be allowed to take the CIM away to prepare your proposal at home. Revolvers can be either secured or unsecured, but in the leveraged loan market, revolvers are almost always secured.

If you’re a consultant, you need to, “make a big effort to mix your strategic toolkit with financial analysis. LIBOR is going away. Instead of paying interest with cash, the PIK caae gave the borrower the option to pay cash interest or to let the interest accrue and grow the principal balance.

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Oaktree Capital, one of the largest mezzanine funds, describes approaching Mezzanine debt investments in one of two ways:. Click here to learn to model revolvers. I got 6 rejection letters ,ezzanine bulge study banks. Because leveraged finance involves lending to highly leveraged companies, the amount of debt as a total part of the capital structure is sensitive to market dynamics.


mezzanine case study wso

Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: Company XYZ already has senior debt financing in place with a debt covenant of 4. What is the difference between an option and a futures contract?

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You are going to send email to. Otherwise, good feedback, thank study. Equity investors tend to be optimists where credit investors tend to be pessimists. How case PE mezz financing?

The perfect resume for breaking into private equity 07 May First lien tranches are making up a greater part of the overall debt composition. When you’re considering the industry, you need to think about: You need to argue why certain industry is good, and why you have a competitive advantage or not.

There’s some overlap, but they’re about as thorough as you can get.