Principles of extraction, indications and contraindications, types of extractions, complications and their management, principles of elevators and elevators used in oral surgery. General assessment of the patient including children with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases endocrinal, metabolic respiratory, renal diseases and blood dyscrasias. However a strict division of the subject may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable. Submission of two copies of Library Assignments at the end of 1 and 2nd year submission of pre-clinical work as scheduled. Muscles of Facial Expression, muscles of mastication.

Journal of periodontal Research 4. Paper IV will be on essay. Basic principles of orthopaedic surgery, bone diseases and trauma as relevant to Maxillofacial Surgery, interpretation of radiographs, CT, MRI and Ultrasound. Distribution of topics for each paper will be as follows. Systemic diseases affecting oral cavity. Evaluation of patients for GA techniques and management of emergencies, various I.

Management of medically compromised patients with endocrine disease.

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The dynamic interaction of biologic processes and mechanical forces acting on the stomatognathic system during orthodontic treatment. Patient management under general anesthesia. Etiology, diagnosis of space problems, analysis, Biomechanics, serial extractions.


Factors affecting the long-range stability of orthodontic correction and their management. Viva — Voce Examination Viva — Voce Examination shall aim at assessing depth of knowledge, logical reasoning, confidence and verbal communication skills. Two — day P. Study of epithelium skin and oral mucous membrane connective tissue including cartilage, bone, muscle, nerves and nerve ganglion.


Clinical postings Each trainee shall work in the clinics on regular basis to acquire practical skills and competency in managing various cases to be treated by specialist. The candidate should be able to – Take the history, conduct clinical examination including all diagnostic procedures to arrive at diagnosis at the individual level and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis.

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Synopsis 79 Exercises in Detail: Topic Staff Signature Name: Disease prevention and oral health promotion — Cohen and Gift Postings in centers where facilities are available for demonstration of routine molecular biology techniques.

Age changes — clinical structure. Psychosomatic aspects of oral diseases. The clinical cases taken up should be followed, under guidance. There is shift to greater accountability to the society.

Impression of upper and lower arches in alginate Observation during clinical work 1. In addition the PGs have to enter the cases done in the common case register for each appointment countersigned by a staff member.

Records, log books and marks obtained in tests will be maintained by the Head of the Ntrkhs and will be made available to the University or DCI. Public Health Dentistry Public Health Dentistry is the science and art of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts.


Upper Hawley’s appliance with posterior bite plane 3.

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ntrus Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics deals with prevention and treatment of the disease and injuries of the hard tissues, pulp of the tooth and associated periapical lesions. It is essential to monitor the learning progress of each candidate through continuous appraisal and regular assessment. Class-I malocclusion with bi-maxillary protrusion.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

The log book should periodically be validated by the supervisors. Neuromuscular diseases affecting oro-facial region.

Paper IV will be an Essay. Clinical Pedodontics — Sydney B.

Opiod analgesics and antagonists. Diet and Nutrition in dentistry – Rutgunn The ability to do literature search, in depth study, presentation skills and use of audio- visual aids are to be assessed using the Model Checklist 2, in Section IV. Veneers — anterior teeth indirect method

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016