Tanty, Kunal Kumar Effect of morphology on densification study of nano — hydroxyapatite. Sahoo, Soubhagya Truck allocation model using linear programming and queueing theory. Pandey, Ashitosh Laser welding of dissimilar material. Ray, Saimon Synthesis of grapite-sic microcomposite and its effect on the mechanical strength of tempered magnesiacarbon compacts. Ajayan, Arshaghosh Higher mode natural frequencies of stepped beam using spectral finite elements.

Mishra, Shankar Estimation of power generation potential of nonwoody biomass species. Sagar, V V V Lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware architecture. Samantaray, Devadutta and Pattnaik, Debasmita and Sahu, Bonani Microcontroller based implementation of a fuzzy knowledge based controller. Patnaik , Ashish Kumar Level of service criteria of roads in urban indian context. Laxmi, V Removal of malachite green dye from water using orange peel as an adsorbent. Toppo, Niraj Determination of sauter mean diameter of four different fuels and their effects on performance and emission in a CI engine.

Sutar, R Multi objective optimization of cutting parameters in turning operation using Taguchi method. Goenka, Mahesh and Naik, Abhishek Effect of size distribution and water content on properties of iron ore pellets. Senapati, Sushanta Kumar Modelling and simulation of a grid connected doubly fed induction generator for wind energy conversion system.

Sainath, Chaluvadi Venkata Face Detection using Color based method with lighting compensation scheme. JayadevS Study on enhancement of dominating sets in Ad Hoc wireless networks. Rourklea, Sandeep Kumar Simulation of R. Chatterjee, Krishnendu Wettability of hair using natural and synthetic surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive. NiFe2O4 Nanocomposites and comparative study of its microstructural and magnetic properties. SultanaRuksar Lab-on-a-chip tissue engineered 3D cancer model for in-vitro anti-cancer drug screening.


Sah, S Synthesis of dibenzyl disulfide using hydrogen sulfide and solid tri-phase catalyst. Bankoti, A K S Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin onlkne with a spectrum from micro to nano range structures. Praharaj, B B Studies on treatment of sugar industry effluent using inverse fluidised bed bioreactor.

Mallik, Namita Study of throughput based on the impact of propagation effects and traffic patterns in wireless cellular networks. Sahoo, Debasish Memory chip design using cadence.

Kisku, Ram Chandra Modelling of temperature profile in turning with uncoated and coated theis carbide insert. Sau, Gopal Kumar Climatic changes and its influence on the runoff data over a major river basin in india — a case study. Hansdah, B B Study on error in space speed prediction.

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Ahmad, Fareed Enhancement of properties of recycled coarse aggregate concrete using non-ureolytic bacteria. Sahu, Mrutyunjaya Prediction of flow and its resistance in compound open channel.

Sahoo, Saikat Designing of a variable frequency standalone impedance analyzer for in vitro biological applications.

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Biswas, Rajashree Active power filter based on interleaved buck converter. Anurag, Anup Decoupled control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with optimal LCL filter design. Kumar, Satish Study of flexural and compressive strength of glass fiber reinforced graphite composite.

Mohanty, Reema Modelling of a PV array and short time prediction of solar insolation. BeheraPir Mohan Present status of solid waste management and its future need. Kumar, Akshay Synthesis and sintering of alumina precursor powder prepared in hydroxyhydrogel form. DushyantSharma and BinitaSen Grid synchronization algorithm for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities.


online thesis nit rourkela

Tirkey, Pretty Sapna Implementation of coverage problem in wireless sensor network based on unit Disk model. Lata, Sujata Studies onlline removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution using plant based biosorbents.

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Behera, Biplab Selection of vacuum pressure and vacuum implication position during steel making through RH degasser for maximizing recirculation process. Gumansingh, S Overlay of flexible pavements: Virendra, M Non-linear forced vibration study of axially functionally graded non-uniform beams by using Broyden method.

V B, Shaibu Numerical analysis of work lnline cooling in hot rolling process. Singh, Praveen Kumar and Arya, Kapil Control and designing of the DC motor drive using p-i controllers with the help of matlab simulation. Satapathy, Sitipragyan Development of gelatin based hydrogel,emulsion hydrogel,bigel: Jesthi, Sanjit and Chanakya, Abhinav Buffer allocation strategies in shop floor using simulation. PatelSumeet Sekhar and Mohapatra, Swastik Stabilisation of Fe based nano-structures developed through mechanical milling.