Based on his demonstration that wind power forecasts have a significant impact on day-ahead prices, the sign of regulation, and eventually the magnitude of regulation penalties, he has developed a suite of methods and tools permitting to forecast the market dynamics accounting for the additional effect of the forecasted wind power generation. Former students I have the chance to collaborate with a number of Ph. A new approach to quantify reserve demand in systems with significant installed wind capacity. In this thesis, the effects of predicted wind power production on the spot prices in Nord Pool Western Danish price area DK-1 are investigated. Then, optimal strategies are developed with the aim of maximizing the expectation of the profits over more days.

Claire completed her PhD project in March In a first stage, the study will focus on determining the best way of representing stochasticity in the wind farm ouput from wind power forecasts and information on their uncertainty. Even though the headline of his Ph. The problem of finding an optimal charging pattern is complicated by the fact that prices are affected by change in demand caused by the charging. Pierre-Julien Trombe — Modeling and forecasting of wind power generation — Regime-switching approaches Even though the headline of his Ph.

pierre pinson phd thesis

Electric drive vehicles EDVs could become widespread within the coming decades as a solution to the many problems related to liquid fuels consumption. In parallel, one traditionally thinks that electricity storage cannot be used at the large-scale. An interesting talk by Alex Laskey on Ted.

pierre pinson phd thesis

This is already the case today for a number of European countries, closely followed by the US and high growth countries, for example, Brazil, India and China. Marco Zugno — Impact of stochastic generation on the dynamics of electricity markets Marco puts particular emphasis on the interaction between wind power and market dynamics.


Pierre Pinson

A simple model minimizing costs for a fleet operator charging all vehicles in Western Denmark was developed. Download Email Please enter a valid email address. Wind Energy 16 — This thesis addresses one of the most fascinating ones among them: Permanent link to this document https: The results obtained in both the Cournot and the LSF frameworks show that switching to wind power generation is convenient both for the generators and for the society.

The existing approaches to wind power forecasting are subsequently described, with focus on single-valued predictions, predictive marginal densities and space—time trajectories.

The parameters were estimated by fitting the solution of the differential equation a tan-function visually to the data.

Pinson : Wind Energy: Forecasting Challenges for Its Operational Management

There exist a number of technological, environmental and political challenges linked to supplementing existing electricity generation capacities with wind energy. You do not have access to this content. On the other hand, the point of view of the society is addressed by analyzing the behavior and the stability of the market when these strategies are applied.

Let me describe here briefly their field of research and expertise: It was found that very little discharging from the vehicle to the grid V2G was provided in general. Article information Source Statist.

International Journal of Forecasting. A set of scenarios were investigated. Julija is looking at how we may be able to improve wind power forecasts based on extensive knowledge and modeling of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the wind power fields. The main potential practical application of her research may be the increase in accuracy of short-term point forecasts of wind power production, as well as an increase in skill of related probabilistic forecasts.


Tryggvi Jonsson — Optimal participation of renewable energy in deregulated energy markets Tryggvi concentrates on the market aspects of wind power integration, developing the necessary insight for optimal trading of wind energy in liberalized electricity markets.

The problem faced is twofold. Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems. Drive patterns were obtained from statistical survey data in a novel approach using a slightly modified version of the k-means clustering algorithm.

Zentralblatt MATH identifier This problem is uterly difficult, since near-coastal offshore wind dynamics are the result of pierte combination of complex meteorological processes which are not all understood today. Again, the convenience of switching to the multi step strategy is shown in both the competition models for the generators, while a benefit for the society is veried, again, only in the Cournot framework.

The Electricity Journal 23 71— In the Cournot framework, the society benets when the generators become more strategic.

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The forecasting model constructed consists of three mains parts. The stochastic optimization problem to be solved for optimal operation of the combined wind-storage power systems will then have to be formulated, and appropriate methods applied for solving this problem.

The first part accounts for the effects of external factors on the prices while the second one is a dynamic model of the spot prices that pjnson for the effects found be the first model.