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Poor Law and Workhouses

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For a more effective call, please be prepared with the following: He stood before me vindictively glaring, his spectacles intensifying the gleam of his eyes. InAssistant Commissioner Dr James Phillips Kay noted that children who ended up in the workhouse included ‘orphans, or deserted children, or bastards, or children of idiots, or of cripples, or of felons’.


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Poor Law and Workhouses – Michael Youngkin

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This was not something new to the Victorian period as children had always been been expected to work for hundreds of years.

primary homework help victorian workhouses

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Primary homework help victorian workhouses

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Victorian Workhouses

Inthe five-year old orphan John Rowlands became an inmate of the St Asaph workhouse. The Poor Law became a law because the government thought it was their fault that the poor people were poor, since the government felt responsible for the poor being poor they created the Poor law.


Students also need to determine which research information supports their argument and which information contradicts it. From the evidence it appeared, that the child had a disease of the bladder, which gave great offence to the defendant, who had often punished the boy for the involuntary effects of the complaint.

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primary homework help victorian workhouses

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