Gusto ko lang maiba. It can also be said that it is independent to their learning abilities. On the contrary, the Catholic Church defended it as a freedom of ex- pression. Method of Research In order to achieve the major purpose of this study, the researchers employed the descriptive method, particularly the analytical, longitudinal survey type. In time, Jejemonism became the latest source of boiling social debates.

The origin of short-handed typing was through the short messaging service, in which each text message in cellphone is limited to characters. Ang aking mga magulang ay hindi magkasundo o magkahiwalay. These findings suggest that school is the most favorable environment for spreading of Jejemonism. Noon lasa, nakilala ang wikang ito bilan Pilipino, at taong A reward must be something desirable; without the desire, there can be no reward Tria, Since the researchers have mentioned the concept of wikang jejemon thesis reinforcement Aliwan lamang para sa kanila ang paglasap sa mga tunog ng titik at pantig ngunit mahalaga ang naturang pag-aaliw sa pagkalikha ng maintenance management literature review and directions pdf tinatawag nating onomatopeya: Ang mga taong katulad ko ng pananaw sa kasarian heterosexual [babae, lalaki], homosexual [bakla, tomboy], o bisexual [parehong homo- at hetero-] ay mga Jejemon.

Ang tagalog bilang batayan ng isang bagong pambansang thesiis sa lahat ng mga diyalekto ang tagalog ay may pinakamayamag at mauunlad ng panitikan ito ang wika ng himagsikan at ang katipunan.

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To present the data gathered in this portion of the research, Table 2 is hereby given. What are the personal and professional backgrounds of these Jejemons that may have initiated them to form their culture? Wikipedia Social network service an online service, platform, or site that focuses on. Outcomes are often unintended, produced by a cryptic mix of influences typically unidentified and unassessed: It shows that they extensively use thewis texting style when they are communicating with their text mates, closed friends, and jejemon community.


To the youth, especially the teenagers, for they are the ones mostly affected by the jejemoj of this issue, and so they may have ideas on how to develop themselves in the social aspect; 2.

The instruments were subjected to the critic of our professor in the Faculty of Language of the Trinity University of Asia. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

The researchers explained and oriented the respondents regarding their roles jenemon the research. Methodology The Descriptive Research design was used in this study as it tried to gather data on the prevalence of the jejemon texting style of high school students.

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Specifically, it aimed to present the: These incidents, along with several other factors, have led to debate about the impact of textese on the English language and its subsequent implications on the literacy of youth. The researchers also wanted to find out if the reasons of the existence of this modern tradition were related to the following aspects: They have different monthly income.

Definition of Terms There are technical terms and words used in this research that may be difficult to understand. Confirming the veracity of the conclusive statements made by eminent researchers and educators will help in retooling the program on communication and information technology as used in education and industry.

In jenemon study, she stated the differences as to when, where, how, why and with whom gays are able to affirm belongingness in their subculture. Seven of the worst jejemon related things on the web.

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The new media imposes economic and space restrictions on text messaging. Related Literature Following is the review of articles found to be related to this study and written by foreign writers.


Out of 26 items, there are only five top items that the researchers want to point out as the major reasons of the Jejemons why they adopt this pop culture. So eldritch that merely their group could understand. Moreover, Alex Maximo discussed how jejemon buzzed the leading social networking site — the Facebook.

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According to Humphrysit is the relentless onward march of the texters, the SMS Short Message Service vandals who are doing to our language thesi Genghis. Interpersonal relationship and economic reasons ranked third and fourth jdjemon being a Jejemon. According to a news article in The Philippine Star, Beatriz Piramide, Senior Executive for Talent Acquisition of Aegis People Support in Cebu City, fears that jejemon language may infiltrate mainstream communication among the young and could ruin their chances at landing jobs in call centers where career opportunities abound.

The mean age of the respondents was Ang mga kasama ko sa organisasyon o grupong aking sinalihan ay mga Jejemon. Geographic Location or Residence I live in a place where my neighbors are Jejemons.

Slang is an informal, non-standard lexicon used between members of speech community to mark membership in that community, to affront authority, to lower speech standards, or to preserve secrecy. Effects of Jejemon Essay Paper.

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The parameters of being classified as a Jejemon are still unclear, thfsis how the different “levels” of “Jejemonism” are reached. He says those who engage in the fad most likely have the desire to be recognized as unique.