In each subject, there are several A. Moreover, the teachers at this school demonstrate a huge determination to help students better their education. I am a rising senior, class of Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. We are a very diverse community and we welcome all kinds of people.

Some practices were definitely not normal and sometimes seemed unnecessary and counterintuitive such as late passes for period classes. Students also get to choose their schedules rather than having uninteresting classes forced upon them. Being on a college campus also has its perks. I mean, we aren’t rated third best in New York City for nothing! Add to List View Nearby Homes. I realized early on in Townsend that you should not compare yourself to your peers and just always put your best foot forward, and that’s exactly what I did during my time there and in college now.

Middle School | Schuylerville Central Schools

Many kids form groups of friends with eachother and mostly everyone is chill and no major fighting occurs. Private school education for a public schuyylerville price: The best part of the experience for me was definitely hanging with schuylervill and maintaining good relationships with the some of the best teachers ever! Grading policies are used across the board by all teachers in that department.

You get to know all of your classmates and those in other grades!

Schuylerville Preparatory High School

This elective course will strengthen and advance your understanding of variables, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and their multiple representations. My experience felt similar but without the pressure. Welcome to the world of Geometry! Things like this make me realize that I can’t imagine going to another school besides Lab.


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Do your homework, participate, ask questions and seek out help as well because teachers are more than willing to help out students who want to approve! There were many clubs available, I myself participated in a culinary club and teacher club. The homework load is quite extreme and it only piles on as you move up.

In terms of diversity, there are students from all walks and life and as a student, Bard has taught me many things about culture, privilege, injustice, and how to be an aware citizen.

There is no other place like Lab. In general Millennium is not an easy school, you are midle challenged and their schulerville high exceptions set for each student. Add to List View Nearby Homes.

schuylerville middle school homework

The small school atmosphere provides students with lasting relations with the staff and each teacher and devote more time schuylrville each student helping the student become more ready for college. I think with more government funding towards the school, they can invest in more support for things outside of solely academics and will overall, improve the community of the school. The hold bake sales and breakfast for the adults and teachers on some mornings.

My son is finishing his senior year at HSAS, and we could not be happier with the education he has received. I will forever be grateful! We have access to the college libraries for reports, lab facilities, and a quad to enjoy lunch with friends.

schuylerville middle school homework

But the majority of the students are academically driven. There are also a wide variety of clubs where anyone from freshman to seniors can join and be a part of.


At Millennium Brooklyn, I’ve gotten the chance to do research, intern, take AP classes, and do large presentations.

schuylerville middle school homework

The low number of students in the school made it possible for class sizes to be small and intimate, relationships with teachers hommework among students were genuine. The professors there are so dedicated and you can tell they really love what they do and they bring that passion to the classroom every day.

Mathematics SPHS 3 years of Mathematics are required to complete a high school diploma in New York State, though four is recommended because certain colleges require it. Incredibly innovative high school. Concepts presented in this course laid the foundation for modern mathematics as well as aided the development of calculus.

The academics here are rigorous, but professors are more than willing to work with a student’s individual needs to help them take advantage of the school’s academic and communal resources.

Lab is a relatively small school, and that’s why I love it. Millennium prepared me for college so well!

He may learn differently, but at Eagle Hill, he has acquired strategies to be successful in that way that he learns. The school is pretty good. Alex Drohobycky is doing something unlike any other Schuylerville student. There are so many elective to take.