Be it class, sports, clubs, wanting to meet up, anything! If you are not registered or. Literally take anything else. Weekly homework assignments are out of 35 points and are graded for accuracy. It’s well organized and the exams don’t require much critical thinking. When I took Stats W17 , this was by far the most infuriating part. Auth with social network:

Share buttons are a little bit lower. I knew what I had to do and still did terrible because I couldn’t put the time into it to produce the grade I wanted. I will definitely use this in the future. You’re probably used to graders being nitpicky about syntax on EECS exams, and it’s really nothing worse than that. OnLine HW Tool plays lead role:

Questions authored by instructor or selected from on-line textbook. View Notes – Another counterpoint, I took the class in W17 as a CS upperclassman and I found it easier than a number of the classes here because of how structured it was.

I agree that this class is a fair amount of work. Honestly the most frustrating part of that class was the exams.

stats 250 umich homework

Can be short answer, require upload, multiple choice or multiple mark. In addition to the hw, they have these really dumb Mwrite assignments, where you basically have to write a one page paper about statistics.


stats 250 umich homework

If you are not registered or. Go directly to your searchable e-Text. Wei Ho Receives math-webmaster umich. The following HTML tags can be used in the comment field: They genuinely try to trip you up with them.

Ch9 Sec 1; Stats. We will not publish your email.

stats umich homework

We think you have liked this presentation. Posted by Will Coffman. Class Stats warning self. Notify me of new comments via email.

Stats warning : uofm

Registration Forgot your password? I did better in my special relativity and theoretical methods for physics by almost a letter grade. Weekly homework assignments are out of 35 points and are graded for accuracy. The next 3 or 4 questions were basically testing if you saw that it wasn’t a binned histogram, but a bunch of categorical variables.

Just took the class this fall, I only said it 36 times per problem in my second midterm and got mugged. Statsas stxts commentor said, teaches you statsnot statistics.


Grading homework by hand is prone to problems. Start studying Umich Stats It’s well organized and the exams don’t require much critical thinking. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Statistics 250

A web-based program that includes a searchable eBook, interactive teaching. Don’t make the wrong choice and take some upper level stats class thinking it’s easier.

I just want to clear hommework up here so no one makes the wrong choice. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

stats 250 umich homework

Being a physics major I thought I could use a class with light mathematics and interesting material, and maybe even a minor. At least I passed, but I can kiss any chance of getting into any grad programs goodbye. Plus, there are only 2 of them although I did think the wtats reviews were annoying.