All’s Well That Ends Well. Merry Wives of Windsor. Students think that he is charismatic. Ross added to the words Strength through Discipline the word community. Perhaps you could look at structuring your essay this way:

The wave englishteacher Expert Teacher Joined: On the next day the students were already sitting on their seats in their posture. Those pupils were like monitors. All the wave members now saw the same film about the nazi regime with Hitler they already have seen at the beginning of the experiment. I would keep this: Laurie was the only one who felt strange about the Wave. Laurie and David recognized that the experiment has gone too far when he hurt his girlfriend by grasping her arm and throwing her to the ground just for defending the wave.

Then Ross drew on the blackboard a circle with the shape of a wave in it. Publish now – it’s free. Amy Smith, a petite, fair girl, is Laurie Saunders’ best friend. Robert Billings ,is the class loser. At the beginning Ross had some doubts but he agreed because he saw it as a part of the experiment.


His wife is Christy Ross, teacher in music and choir at the same school. You have improved this essay a lot, well done. From that point the students became more interested. She also is smart and intelligent. David tried to get the football questinos into the wave. Thanks to Fish and ET4 that helped me a lot.

the wave morton rhue essay questions

I suggest you have a look at this page: Ethik Inhaltsangabe von Rhue, Morton – Die Explain how the event helped you to understand an idea Paragraph Three: King Henry VI part 3. David got angry with Laurie because of the idea that his groups he think is good, was being affected by Laurie.

He had lost his independency to be dependent on The Wave and hurt people in the name of The Wave.

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Hi rlgus Have you looked around the site for advice? King Henry VI Part 2. We should keep our opinions and not forget democracy. Explain how this situation or event helped you understand an idea or ideas in the text.


the wave morton rhue essay questions

But his colleagues have different opinions on his way of teaching. So it should be very important for us to have an own opinion. Much Ado About Nothing.

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Filmwissenschaft Auf der Suche nach Unmittelbarkeit un The Comedy of Errors. A Passage to India. This event helped me understand that people can lose their independency and be controlled.

So David grasped her arm. Laurie and David visited Ben Ross for telling him to break up the wave. Describe a situation or event in the text that shocked or surprised you. All the wave members now saw the same film about the nazi regime with Hitler they already have seen at the beginning of the experiment. Top Political Philosophy Quotes. Sign in to write a comment. At the beginning there was chatting and a big mess.