Science News Cycle ‘ view comic. Your Thesis Title ‘ view comic. Lab Hazard Rating System ‘ view comic. Coming to Campuses this Fall! May or may not also be inspired by Studio C:

Great Tweets of Science ‘ view comic. Needs work ‘ view comic. The title text may also refer to Stephen Sondheim’s song “Putting it Together,” in which the singer lists ad nauseum the minutiae of preparing and marketing a work of art, which is analagous to preparing a thesis and its defense. Official Guidelines ‘ view comic. For example, the best defense against missiles is to fire anti-missile missiles, which may be seen as type of attack.

For added humorous effect, in the title text Megan extrapolates how she improved the state of the art, i. Sit up Straight ‘ htesis comic. Anything beyond that is literally a blur to me. As an irrelevant aside, in Finland you get awarded a sword for a successful PhD Navigation Main page Latest comic Community portal xkcd.

Lego Grad Student — In tribute to xkcd (): the

And a slightly less impressive hat The Neurobiology of Writing ‘ view comic. Great Tweets of Science ‘ view comic. How to look busy ‘ view comic. Grad Student Pick up lines ‘ view comic.


Your life ‘ view comic. Beware the Profzi Scheme ‘ view comic. A thesis defense generally involves an oral exam on thesos topic she has chosen, and should involve no physical violence. Originally posted by searider.

thesis defence xkcd

Dating Odds ‘ view comic. Valentine ‘ view comic.

thesis defence xkcd

Stay tuned for updates on how to organize a screening at your University. The Grant Cycle ‘ view comic. I wonder what the panel thought of her holding a sword many times thicker than her stick-body for the duration of her defense. What do you theis to be? Existential Deconstruction ‘ view comic.

thesis defence xkcd

Futile Attempts ‘ view comic. The final line is “and that is the state of the art”, ending with a long, high note. It is so specifically applicable to this game, where a team’s defense and offense are completely separate units, run separately and spoken of separately and yet an extremely effective way to keep the opponent from scoring is to maintain possession of the ball while the game clock ticks down.


Your Math Skills ‘ view comic. Intellectual Freedom ‘ view comic. Your Life Ambition ‘ view comic. How long your Prof. A refence is projected on a screen behind the sword-reading woman, reading “The evolution of threat defense in mammals”.

1403: Thesis Defense

Fume Hood ‘ view comic. Relationship status ‘ view comic. Celebs Chris Pratt went splat when he lands at No.

Time in Grad School ‘ view comic. PhD Widows ‘ view comic.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Net Effect of Vacation ‘ view comic. Megan’s actions, being about as far as you can go in the direction of Murderous Threat Displays, are a natural “conclusion” to her presentation. Music Demi Lovato fans need to step up.