I locate home in the studio, and later in painting. Similarly, Wall II fig. Log In Sign Up. Because I view my work so deeply rooted in the place that is Wellesley College, it seems fitting to contemplate what it means to be an art student at Wellesley where most of my time has been spent in class and with research and writing. The Perspective of Experience. I saw that I often gravitated towards compositions where a fragment of a piece of furniture partially blocked my view and consequently occupied a corner or edge of the canvas.

Consider Pendleton West , 36 fig. Similarly, Wall II fig. Intellect Ltd, , 1. Video stills Figure 14 4. In 9, a purple plane – a back of the chair – blocks the view, whereas in 20 a blue art cart occupies the majority of the lower third of the image and a fragment of a brown drawing board enters from the side. For this reason my early thesis paintings are inconsistent, including canvas, canvas on wood, masonite board, and paper supports.

Establishing a place of comfort through the act of painting has been of utmost interest to me, as I hoped it would lead me to the creation of a home. Wellesleey saw that I often gravitated towards compositions where a fragment of a piece of furniture partially blocked my view and consequently occupied a corner or edge of the canvas.

In the meantime, I contemplated other earlier paintings where I was happy with some sections of the reposiyory but struggled with unresolved color and compositional issues overall. So I beg studious painters to not be ashamed to listen to me. I could pick them up and hold them close to my eyes as I worked.


thesis repository wellesley

Cow House Studios, 3 fig. Reflecting upon my work last fall, I wrote of Pendleton West32 fig. If home is my home country, then why do I make mistakes in my mother tongue?

Narratives of the miniature, the gigantic, the souvenir, the collection. University of North Carolina Press, Questions about displacement, family, and nostalgia have accompanied me since I left my native Hungary at the age of 16 to study abroad, first in New York wellexley later at Wellesley.

To paint a small picture is to place yourself outside your experience, to look upon an experience as a stereopticon view or with a reducing glass.

thesis repository wellesley

A special thank you to Pamela Daniels, the Pamela Daniels Fellowship Fund, and the Office of the Dean of the College without whom this project would not have been possible.

I was intrigued by how a painting became a small object as a result of frequent handling, as well as the weight of the wooden panel supporting the canvasone that could take its place among family photographs or leaned against a row of books in a living room. In my paintings, I clear out the space and remove superfluous objects, retaining those that function gepository spatial markers.

thesis repository wellesley

In that sense he related to me when I made the painting because in that sense I was there. I want to expose the objecthood of my canvas. Video stills Figure 16 6. A Critical Review of the Literature.

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I think this might be the rdpository work of my mom’s earliest works that held its course, while others ended up lost or in storage. The artist is a student, a scholar.


Video stills Figure 14 4. Consider Pendleton West9 fig. Modernism, Precisionism and the Borders of Abstraction, London: University of Minnesota Press,3.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, —. Without an artificial barrier, visitors are allowed to approach the edge which I did, too, crawling on my stomach. Having decided to wipe away some of the color I had laid down, I discovered the frottage effect that the uneven surface of the wall provided when rubbed: University of Minnesota Press, What is artistic scholarship, practice-led research, or new knowledge?

Heller believes the itinerant woman’s “geographic promiscuity symbolized something uncanny, namely the abandonment of, perhaps, the oldest tradition of the homo sapiens, privileging one, or certain places against others. Penguin, Part One 3 The Solomon R. Thank you to David Kelley and Andy Mowbray for the studio visits. I quickly discovered my fascination with overlapping surfaces: With no fixed color decisions to abide by, Beaches records a more honest painting process where mistakes and indecision, trial and error are recorded.

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