Based on the passage below, we can infer that a. The author implies that the Board members were not going to give Marta the scholarship jacket because a. You might think of students who are not fluent in English, who have learning differences, who are unusually gifted in some way, who have problems fitting in socially, and so on. Why do you think Logan chose that title? Perhaps it was a neighborhood animal that you often observed. By the end of the account, it is clear that the tragic deaths of the teenagers have had far-reaching consequences.

Perhaps it was a neighborhood animal that you often observed. Marta Salinas and her grandfather are relieved and happy that their stand against discrimination has been successful. You will select and organize the methods you wish to include in your paragraph after accumulating as many ideas as you can. In the selection, Marvel explains that she feels uncomfortable speaking before small groups because she feels as if she is presenting herself as an illiterate. Some spoke to area high-schoolers in an attempt to deter them from drinking and driving.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

I spelled it under my breath, and it was just the way Bobby spelled it. The first time information gained through reading became practical to Ben Carson ribbin when a.

Many people are thrilled, some even to tears, by this story. As you discuss each category, offer a suggestion or two as to how schools could better serve the needs of those students.

Marvel was in that predicament for almost twenty years. The selection concludes by saying that students who plan for a realistic career, get themselves organized, learn to persist, are positive, and are open to growth can help themselves find happiness and success in the world.


That was a good feeling. Helene Tucker was a symbol of everything the author wanted. Because he was afraid that his life would be made miserable, the author decided to stop being friends with George.

When Marta tells her grandfather that the principal wants her to pay for the scholarship ribbin, he replies that a. Gregory grew up in a fatherless, poor family.

Vingo confides that he has written to his wife asking her to give him a sign whether she will take him back or not.

The Yellow Ribbon By Pete Hamill Thesis Paper

Why or why not? Then I gently placed the cat in the box.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

From Wisconsin folklore at Americanfolklore. Why do you think the young people first became interested in Vingo? It was the first book I ever read all the way through even though it took me two nights. Some students may suggest that Marvel should have been promoted, but to a class geared to students with learning disabilities.

She left me and guided Curtis to another section of the room.

In your essay, discuss two or three qualities of bullies, devoting a separate paragraph to each quality. Which sentence best expresses the main idea of the following paragraph? Based on the passage below, we can conclude that the author a. Marvel will probably go on to get an advanced degree. Reluctantly I admitted afterward to Mother that I really had liked reading about Chip. Wanting her children to know both English and Spanish, Lupe switched to speaking Spanish at home once her children knew English.


thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Gregory could afford to contribute to the Community Chest because he had a. He was a paperhanger.

What is an implied thesis for the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Marta stresses again how important the scholarship jacket was to her and how hard she worked to win it. Others say that by offering to drive, Baxter assumed total responsibility for the accident. Suggest at least one other way he could have acted, and explain what you think the consequences might have been.

Marvel felt much shame and fear throughout her public-school education. Baxter returned to high school shortly after the accident but later was sentenced to a rehabilitation center for an unspecified period of time and then community service. Then select the strongest details and write your paper. Some believe that the drunk boys in his car share the blame for what happened.

Or should she have been made to stay at a lower grade rlbbon her reading and writing skills got better? George grew up to be a confident, well-adjusted person.

Whom do you know perhaps yourself who has struggled with an obstacle and was later able to help others with that same problem?