This limit is in place to ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments. Requests must be submitted before Will my work be marked online? Book a Meeting Room. Book a Meeting Room.

Marks are only finalised during the final Boards and it is a good idea for you to retain your summative coursework throughout your course in case the Board of Examiners needs this to make a decision. Security – Report an Incident. Submission Regulations and Guidelines There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. Wellbeing Resources for Staff. It is your responsibility to have a coursework coversheet attached to your work; it speeds up the process of logging the work and getting it to the marker. How do I know which Hub to hand in the work to?

Late Penalty Email (guidance for LTS) – UEA

The deadline for submission is For some guidance on coursewok submission, check out our submission guide. Specific Learning Difficulty Support. Vison you will be given the option of attaching a sticker.

Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Current works on Campus. Will electronic submission mean that I will get my marked work back later than with paper submission? Assessments submitted electronically are time-stamped during the upload process; this is displayed via e: Contact the Finance department. Vision usually the day after submission. Wellbeing Resources for Staff.


uea submitting coursework late

UEA Career Service launches graduate fair. Vision page, each assignment that is set up for hardcopy submission paper has the facility to print off a coursework coversheet. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Current works on Campus.

uea submitting coursework late

The submission deadline should read from the original date or the extension date, whichever is latest. IT services has a step by step guide for submitting via Blackboard. If a module assignment is set up for electronic submission, you should submit your work only electronically. I have an extension for a piece of work.

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The survey asked full-time, final-year undergraduate taught students across the UK to rank their university against a variety of criteria, including academic, housing and student support. WA – Written Assignment Submission deadline: How do I get a coursework coversheet coursswork hand in with my paper copy?

Do I need to put my name on my coursedork How can I check this? Report an Accident or Hazard. My module is set up for electronic submission but I want to submit a paper copy. Can I submit these electronically? If submitting electronically through e: Most prefer single-sided work, as it easier to mark.


I submitted my work on time. If you have any extenuating circumstances that have affected your ability to hand in the work on time, a retrospective jea request with evidence of extenuating circumstances could be an option. Book a Meeting Room. The email text can be seen below.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. Material in the appendix or bibliography is not included. You can file an academic appeal for reconsideration if your request for an extension to a deadline has been denied.