This is a copyright law. But do not do so until they tell you that you can. We strongly advise that before you enrol in a non-York University or OUPFB field course, that you consult the Undergraduate Biology Office, about whether its course curriculum is likely to qualify for credit towards your degree program. Graduate students may also submit a financial petition to Student Financial Services. Where students are co-supervised, the Supervisory Committee will consist of the co-supervisors plus the normal composition of other committee members.

Give them the respect that they have earned. During the first month of a student’s program, it is important they meet with their supervisor to have a conversation and agree upon important goals and expectations. A professor is a docotor – they have earned a Ph. Don’t limit yourself to just one. You may see posters for these programs around York University.

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The Examining Committee for M. Don’t panic if the first professor s say no. The written component should describe the background relevant to the research project, the question s being addressed, specific aims, the methodology used, the results obtained, conclusions and a critical discussion and interpretation of the findings and their significance.

Many students tell us that they truly understand what Biology is about after they take a field course.

Department of Biology

Students can get assistance, approvals, advice from their supervisor. The student and supervisor should fill out TD4 Form: You should check with your potential supervisor prior to signing up for this option. Our goal is to provide students with an excellent well-rounded education in life sciences that can lead to fulfilling careers in industry, academia and government.


Each student may take a maximum of three field courses towards their degree. This is not to say that a Biochem project can’t biolofy done in a chemistry lab or a Chem project couldn’t be done in a biochemistry lab Yorkuu student will be a considered Ph. Defences are open, though the audience is not permitted to ask questions and must leave prior to the final fhesis of the examining committee.

yorku honours thesis biology

Prospective students honourrs visit the Faculty of Science Future Students website. The supervisor must determine if the External Examiner is willing to participate and provide a copy of the dissertation at least 4 weeks prior to the exam. Places fill up quickly, although, you may be able to find a place in an OUPFB field course later in the academic year.

Students should submit a draft to supervisor at least 3 weeks ahead of the exam. The two cognate areas should be broad in scope to assess knowledge outside the immediate research area and should be identified at least 2 months before the preliminary exam date.

yorku honours thesis biology

The Longer answer is: Each year, different field course modules are available to York U students in locations around the world, on a wide diversity of ecology topics. A very strong academic rationale, supported by the supervisor, must be made and students can expect difficulty in getting extensions. Gerald Audette audette yorku. For additional questions, email biology yorku. The thesis reviews the literature in a particular field or theeis of interest, identifies gaps or inconsistencies, and develops a specific hypothesis, argument or model.


Students wishing to enrol in BIOL 3.

Consider this a job interview. There are probably a few other things that one should think about. This course provides 4th year undergraduate students with research experience in the Biological Sciences and provides an opportunity to enhance critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.

See article in YFile. Don’t limit yourself to just one. Click on the form name to go directly to the form.

yorku honours thesis biology

Quite often some projects just can’t be done in 4 months MSc Progress Report Evaluation. Bkology you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspects of the field courses, please feel free to contact me.

Department of Biology

Subject to availability, you may enrol in this field course up until the Friday of the week before it starts. Click the Apply now button. You will need to have an advisor and a thesis topic listed on the registration form.